Nan Desu Kan 2009

Denver, CO


Photos (80% of which are not taken by me, but on my camera):



The day started off with an AMAZING Avs newsletter informing me that I could get pre-sale single-game tickets. So getting tickets to Joe Sakic night was the highlight of my weekend, even if it has nothing to do with NDK. Then finding out about Foote being our new captain was the second best thing of the weekend. [/hockey]

I had my first 'more than meh' experience with liquid latex as Zuko, and had fun plastering my eyelid down with a scar putty/liquid latex combo. Though I realized as I was applying it that the makeup I got was a bit too orange. :-/

Once I got there I got to experience many line rides. I've NEVER had to wait over 5 minutes to simply check in to the hotel, but I waited a good 45+ minutes this year. Yarg. Then another hour+ to check in to the con.

Then it was basically the 'wait around and wait for friends' game, followed by the 'wait around for the photoshoot' game. We had an awesome Avatar group. X3 There are many pictures from that gathering. And we amusingly had three Zukos (including myself) who chose the *exact same outfit* XD.

The line for costume contest check-in was MUCH more organized than last year, so I got through that in half an hour and then headed up stairs-- meaning to come back down later-- but ended up getting distracted by the TV and giving up.


I <3 CO Saiyuki cosplayers, I really do. We just hung out for a good two hours (previous plans involved me leaving after an hour so I could get my Avs tickets). Though sometime between last NDK and this, I've managed to loose Hakkai's shoes, pants, and glasses.

Upstairs for a few hours to stick on Ulquiorra's makeup and eat something proper. An hour after going downstairs in Ulquiorra I regretted not taking Motrin before I even started. The mask KILLED my neck.

At this point, I started getting annoyed with many a con attendee. If you see somebody slouched in a chair looking tired, DON'T ask for their photo. Chances are they'll be around in the same costume later. I found a nice squishy chair that allowed me to lift the mask up from my wig a bit (they're sewn together) and was trying to loosen up my neck muscles in a corner and had multiple people asking for my photo. Please don't.

The BLEACH shoot came after an educational craftsmanship judging. I arrived a bit late and only stayed about 10 mins. Yells of 'yaoi! Do some yaoi!' filled the air, and people were knocking on my helmet to ask for pictures. Really. Don't knock. Don't. Even if I'm cosplaying, I'm still a person; I can still hear and have fleshy bits like shoulders that can be tapped.

So I headed back to the room for an hour or two to cool off (both physically and mentally-- I was more than pissed) and for more eating and fixing of makeup. And direly needed neck/shoulder massages. x_x More wandering that involved looking at a friend's SHINY new car (getting photos while away from the hotel) and internet-y Harbucks. Then a dinner of sorts before heading off to the green room.

The costume contest went really smoothly. I appreciated that the staff had a 'here's what you can win/here's what you do' poster up on the wall instead of yelling at us and killing their voices. The intermission slideshow was SO much better (and cheaper) than the taiko drummers from last year.

After everything was over, I wasn't starving as usual and was able to stay up later. A delicious trip to the bar ensued (I say that I'll drink every year, but end up crashing after the costume contest).



My easy costume day-- no complex makeup and no ACE binding. I'm begining to prefer open-chest binding and sports tape as my preferred method of binding. After being informed that there was another Papillon earlier in the con, I was more than suprised. I hadn't touched my Papillon since AB.

Sunday was another day of wandering. I watched the Broncos game with a bunch of middle-aged men and had fun yelling at the TV with them. Then I gave up on the game with 20 seconds left and we were down by ONE, but apparently we came back and won the game. Boo. I had to leave for the one panel I was looking forward to for the weekend.

More wandering and last-minute checking out of the artist alley. Does anybody know if the people who do the jewelry (combs, necklaces, bracelets) have a website?

Checked out the steampunk photoshoot while waiting for some friends. I admit that I'm officially inspired to work on my own steampunk outfit now.