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Nan Desu Kan 2010


(note: I will only friend people I have physically met on facebook. Sorry for sounding like a jerk. If I don't know you, follow me @curucar on Twitter if you're really interested)

That said, the following is my official con report:

- Hotel check-in line from HELL. 45 mins. Worst than last year; so much so that I'm considering 0 day for NDK '11.

- I was honously expected to be bored out of my mind until about 3PM. Not so! Friends arrived right after I brought everything up to the room. Add a bit of drama in there and the steampunk shoot arrived before I complained about my muttonchops too much.

- The steampunk shoot was fun. A bit shorter than expected, but that gave me time to rid myself of muttonchops and get a proper meal before costume contest check-in. Check-in was AMAZING. I love the online system that they adopted this year-- it seriously only took me 30 seconds (NO line) to sign and say that I was at the con.

- Random wandering before we all headed to our (ie, Victorian Productions) panel: Basics of Steampunk. Went *_* when we saw that we had a LINE 15 mins before it was slated to start. The thing filled to capacity and people were turned away! Y'all are awesome. It was mostly Ky talking, and I got to quip in about corsets.

- Taking your time in your room is an amazing thing. I think that I finally left it around noon. No complicated makeup, just covering up my Avs tattoo.

- Found friends that came for the day and hung out with them until the Berserk photoshoot (or so I thought. Some miscommunications happened). So I joined up with them until craftsmanship judging.

- Craftsmanship judging was MUCH less terrifying than last year. Talked with other people waiting their turn and got my nerves calmed a bit. Then back to the room for my free hour between judging and green room. Had a lol'rious time with my steampunk friends putting together their panel for saturday night. XD

- Green room is always the best part of my con. All my con friends were there! And there's nothing like that adrenalyn rush right before you go up on stage. I used Ghosts and Gargoyles VI as my music. The audience's reaction was... interesting. Everybody started muttering. XD;;

- Then it was a rush to our second panel. Which was once again filled to capacity, so I couldn't sneak in. So it was a shower and then wandering until midnight, then having our room hyjacked by the Hanna people. Finally passed around 2AM.

- Lost Child day, thanks to one of my roommates. I got more photos taken of us in the two hours we wore those gask masks around than I did the rest of the weekend combined. >_>

- Sunday consisted of lots of wandering and hanging out with friends. I hosted the steampunk fashion panel in the afternoon. Again filled to capacity. I love the reactions we got!

- As a final note, I loved how many biological females there were this year with facial hair. I wasn't the only one!