Anime Wasabi/Wasabi Con/Whatever-else-you-want-to-call-it-con 2009

Denver, CO.


First off, the drive. For non-Coloradoans, we had this MASSIVE blizzard that closed half the businesses (including CSU) all around northern/central CO on thursday. The roads weren't icy, but they were hella slushy. The middle lane was undrivable because there was so much melting snow/ice. It made passing people near impossible. And then once you hit the Valley, the lanes were clear but the spots between them weren't. I got CASCADED with road crap that completely covered my car (which cued cries of 'SLKFJAFDL:KAJSF' over the Weird Al) more times that I could count. A drive that normally takes 45-60 mins took 2 hours. x_x

Once at the con, there was nooottthiiinnggg to do. I ran into a few con friends and chatted with them after checking in and such, but I had so much downtime that I actually had reason to study for psych. I went to one of the Kyle Hebert panels, which was a sign of what was to come throughout the con. Zero structure, with fangirls requesting yaoi and their glasses-shattering squees of glee.

Started figuring out the con was desperate for money- not only did you have to pay for the formal dance, you also had to pay for entry to battle of the bands. WTF, man. Oh! And the formal dance started late (like everything); I went to the room to shower, and it was over by the time I came up again.

As Sebastian, I had a tiny handful of people recognize me. More people were intrigued by the red contacts than anything. I ran into a Ciel and Grell in artist's alley, but it was more in passing since artist's alley was literally an ALLEY (yet still the best place to people watch if you knew people with a table). That led to the 'large panel room'. In many spots, there was only enough room for 1.5 average-sized people-- NOT condusive to looking at all the tables.

Was generally better, purely because of good friends coming down. After Christine and Sarah hyjacked the room to get dressed, we met up with even more Ramnime people and mingled for the majority of the day. I really do like hanging out with the older crowd-- the younger portion consists primarily of scary, hyper, fangirls. I have a hard time even relating to 99% of them. Maybe because I got into the con scene later in high school, and these kids are largely middle schoolers.

There was this WEIRD thing going on with a wedding that was scheduled for this day. They had people re-enforcing the quiet in half of the hotel, and then they kicked everybody out TWICE so the bride could walk to the reception room with ease (right across from our main events room). Luckily our little group had detoured to Harbucks and were staying outside to avoid the crowds, anyway. But it was a major WTF. And really awkward.

Saturday night was indeed eventful. The costume contest was... interesting. Again, the lack of orginization and communication between events was brought into the spotlight. The contest coordinators weren't told where we were walking to stage/sitting until 15 mins before the start of the thing. I seem to know a lot of people from various green rooms, so socializing with everybody was fun. I look forward to seeing them all again at NDK.

I wasn't first like last year, but I still wasn't clear where exactly to walk when I got off stage. So I totally walked down the centre isle, clueless that I should've taken a left turn once I hit the floor. Dur dur dur! Following a whole TWO skits, the fashion show, and mindless filler trivia were the results announcements. I won first place craftsmanship in the journeyman (/intermediate) category! TOTALLY wasn't expecting it. X3 The prizes also helped my figure collection grow.

Afterwards our large Ramnime group crossed the street to the Sushi Train. SO many delicious, awesomely-named rolls. (there's a photo of one of the menu items in ze gallery). I got the Broncos roll and have never had so many fish in one bite before- it was delicious. Hazel got inside my head enough that I also ordered wine.

Thennn there was nothing to do again. The B21 lounge started 45 mins later than it was supposed to, and they WEREN'T CARDING ANYBODY. WTFFFFFF. I gave up on waiting on it, but I don't know if those two boxes of beer were free or not. But beer without knowing the drinker's age (lots of teenage-looking kids around that room whenever I checked in on it).

After giving up on that, I ran into even more awesome people while trying to get back to the room. I've now been talked into going as Hakkai for NDK. Now to decide which version (I've now done 3 versions of him. :-X). Also ran into Avs fans and we briefely spoke of the team's future, using purely players' knicknames. [/sports]
As a side note, Code Geass STILL doesn't make sense, even after watching bits a second time. Johnny Young Bosch amuses me as Lousch, though. And as many times as I hear it, I still can't STAND Vic as Ed. (can you tell we watched Adult Swim? XD)

As Kenshin, I got 39458743x more recognition than Sebastian and Hazel combined. XD Yet I still get more satisfaction from people recognizing the more obscure characters.

Another uneventful day now that le close friends had left. I resumed my miandering the halls and caught some of battle chess (not as amusing as last year, because the chess players actually cared about strategy). Resumed my people-watching spot in AA. Later I went to the Clue game, which was re-scheduled and then cancelled because players had to leave. Played slap jack with Abby and friends, which was infinitely amusing. Got jabbed in the non-boob by a Misa who thought I was a guy (which is a great compliment, and the jabbing was pure amusement. XDD)

Hung around 45ish more minutes before the guilt of non-studying kicked in and I decided to leave. Everything had melted so the drive was easy.