A-Kon '10

Photo album with videos:

THURSDAY: driving day

We got out MUCH later than I'd liked. Like, we left Denver around 10. Got to Dallas around 12:30 (central time). Driving went something like this:
- Baybeeee cowwws. Cowwwwww. Moooooo.
- Kansas is the most boring state EVER.
- Oklahoma has lots of dead armadillos along the highway. LOTS.

I was up at an oddly early hour for the late hour that I got to sleep. It was lovely not having to check in (I was there as a guest, playing with Symphonic Anime Orchestra and its quartet). Got dressed in my steampunk traveller getup and headed dowstairs to look for weapons check. Seriously the BEST check that I've ever done-- the staff member working it was so nice and accomodating. He stuck the ties in spots that were discreet, and then cut off the excess.

Briefely checked out artist's alley before heading to SAO's first rehersal. I'm sorry NDK'ers, but this A-Kon group was amazing this year. This could simply be because the average age of all the participants was at least 5 years older, though. In the past, I was one of the 2-3 people in the entire orchestra that was going to school for music. The flute next to me was a double performance/ed major, and I know we had two high school band directors in the orchestra, too. We got to rehearse the finer things, like tuning, instead of rhythms.

After rehersal I went and checked out the amazing AA and insanely crowded dealer's room. Through both of these, I learned to never wear my fantail skirt to a con EVER AGAIN. It had the *tiniest* of trains that EVERYBODY managed to step on. Near the end of the day, when I was extra-cranky, somebody stepped on it so thoroughly that it ripped out the bustle supports that I added. Captain Hammer cosplayer, thank you for being sympathetic towards my venting.

The bustle busting was the final straw. Went upstairs and changed (with a 40 min wait for the elevator. Really.). Ended up catching everybody else getting ready to go to Bone Daddy's. Bone Daddy's was an... interesting restaurant. Think Hooter's-like outfits for the waitresses. TVs everywhere with HOCKEY on. Sweet, sweet hockey. I got to see Matty Carle get an assist on a Fliers goal.

BACK TO THE RESTAURANT. It was funny because there were SO many families there. So the food was really good. I got a rather strong sex on the beach and was barely buzzed by the bottom of the glass. I love drinking at low altitude. Headed back to the hotel and dealt with the owner of one of the parking lots, who let us pay in cash to park there overnight and for 24 hours. I've never been so blunt with somebody in my entire life.

Ah! Then we went to the pool and played with the balls (and ZOMG whirlpool orgy that was creepy). Decided that we didn't want to wait for the elevators, so we headed up 21 flights of stairs. Again, I love low altitude. I have asthma and was barely winded at the top. BUT: we got to the top and realized we headed up the WRONG TOWER. Cue synchronized *facepalm*.

Zuko day. I was up a good 90 mins before everybody else for makeup. And my eyelid refused to stay down after 5 attempts. My left contact was also being a bitch, so that took a good 20 mins to figure that out. Rehersal at 8:30 went swimmingly.

This day was filled mostly checking out AA, and avoiding the crowds. I just remember being hungry, and then my stomach feeling nauseous any time I tried to eat. Bleh. I met up with Cassandra and Vocal, who were cosplaying from the webcomic Hanna Is Not a Boys Name, and hung out with that group for a while in the Plaza of the Americas. Then went off with Elena to people-watch for a while before deciding that it was dinnertime. I don't exactly remember what happened between then and changing into a variation of my steampunk musician for the Abney Park concert. :-/

Waited in line for the concert for a good 90 mins because there was nothing else to do. The concert itself was allright. I'm not a huge fan of Abney Park's music, but I adore their visuals. So it was a VERY pretty concert. I left about halfway through because I was going deaf.

8AM SAO rehersal. I chose my steampunk mad scientist because it's a quick and easy and heat-resistant outfit. So worth it.

Sunday was a bit insane for me. Since I was a guest of the con, I actually had STUFF to do. Quartet performed at the meet-and-greet event an hour after orchestra's rehersal ended. So I totally cheaped out and only played for half of that rehersal, knowing that I had a good 2.5-3 hours of quartet playing ahead of me. Plus the hour-long SAO concert.

The elevators were worse than NDK (if that's possible). 3/4 of them broke down, so I didn't go back upstairs until after the meet and greet. My bag of stuff was HUGE but so worth it. Lindsey was wonderful and braved the dealer's room crowd for me and picked up a little piggy for mum.

The meet and greet was... interesting. We definitely provided BACKGROUND music. Played for 2.5 hours before they started playing the winning AMVs an hour before the scheduled finish time. All for the better since my embrochere was giving out.

Had 90 mins between quartet playing and the SAO concert. Ate a hearty lunch of ice cream with Lindsey and got some photos of my mad scientist. OI. And I got so many 'ZOMG Dr Horrible!' comments while in that thing. The ONLY similarity is the jacket type. People totally ignored every other aspect of that outfit.

The SAO concert was better than ANY we ever had at NDK. Since it was our first year at A-Kon, we didn't get main events or a decent-sized panel room. But there was standing room only by the time the concert started. Gary was awesome and took videos on my camera (which apparently stops recording after 3 mins, so there's lots of tiny videos).

Afterwards, another Tegan found me. That's TWO out-of-state cons in a row where I find another Tegan. This one also played flute and picc, and was named for the exact same reasons as me (Dr Who+Celtic Goddess). That was a funny encounter.

Went and tried my hand at some human photography and did a mini-photoshoot with Lindsey. That was fun. Then packing and prepping for the drive back. Had a lol'ing quarrel with Mitch over which game the hotel sports bar should show on their 80+" flatscreen TV. He ended up passing out before the basketball game and I didn't feel like paying for food, so we had each TV on in the rooms with both games on. So sad that the Fliers got their asses handed to them.

Left Dallas at 7; we were supposed to leave at 6:30 but the rest of quartet hadn't properly packed the night before. It was so easy getting INto Dallas, but such a pain in the ass getting OUT. But I got to see the arena where the Stars play! So if I've been to a city with an NHL team, I've seen where they play.

Everybody in the car passed out at least 3 times. Yet I've learned that being in a car wires me, so despite having con hangover, I was able to drive the entire way home. The GPS lead us on the scenic route which added an hour to the trip. It was worth it, though. We all got really cranky once we got to boring I70. I think that we were all ready to kill each other by the time we reached home.