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My first AB! I've been wanting to go for four or five years now, and I could finally afford it; I actually went from wedsday through monday in order to take in other Boston-y sites. I walked the Freedom Trail on thursday, and simply wandered around town wedsday and monday. LOTS of much-needed 'me' time.  Sadly, I have more photos from that 'me' time than of the con. :-X



I was first alarmed by the size of the registration check-in line when I arrived at 5, but was pleased by how quickly it moved. Ironically, the outsourced scanning machines for quick check-in were broke when I finally got to one. XD A short detour to a human and I was all set.


I was rather miffed that more people recognized me as Hazel at Wasabi-con than they did in Boston. o_O I had a total of ...4? people recognize me (at least verbally). And only two photos were taken; unfortunately, neither of these were on my camera. Not that I changed a thing since premiering him in Denver. (I'm coming to the conclusion that CO just has more Saiyuki cosplayers per capita. >D)

Deeealllerrrr'sss roooommmmm. *waves goodbye to moneys* It was mostly Sagutcha Bookstore's stall and their pretty, pretty artbooks. Before I realized it, I had spent my alloted dealer's room budget at their stall alone. Ignoring that fact, I continued on and continued impulse shopping (I had a list. Really.) Only ONE dealer had the new Irresponsible Captain Tylor boxset (I'm upgrading from my VHS tapes XD) BUT they had it for 20% off. That alone made my entire weekend.

Not a lot going on that piqued my interest on friday. After much text-pestering, I was finally able to meet up with Kara-chan, who was the one that made me interested in AB in the first place. Eating times ensued and then I got tired of wearing Hazel, so I showered and changed before the 'Hentai- what? why?' panel.

The panel itself was amazing just for the speaker. She was hilarious and amazing. I had to leave as the Q&A started because I always underestimate humidity and nighttime being SO much colder than I'm used to.


Papillon time~~! Due to sir Papillon being more work than I expected, I didn't get a chance to try him on before the con started. I'm happy with the result, overall, but will be attaching the poofies of DOOM more firmly to the sleeves before NDK. I'm also *this* close to detesting boning. >_*

BUT: I founds me a Kazuki as I was wandering around! And this wonderful lady took photos of us together on our cameras. X3 So I hung out with ze Kazuki most of the day, until we had different panels that we wanted to attend. We actually almost got to go on stage during the halftime show thingy during the masquerade before everything got too confusing and we just gave up on the idea.

I got in line early for the Vernonica Taylor panel, as she was the one guest that I truly wanted to see. Due to a tight schedule and me being over-protective of my camera, I didn't bring it to this panel because it would mean that I'd have to leave it unattended during the masq. I'm actually sort of regretting that now, since I made line friends with somebody that would've watched over it. BACK to the panel-- it was interesting and insightful, and her daughter is awesome and adorable. Ayup.

I then had half an hour between the panel and masq meetup time to stick in my contacts and remaining claws (I simply can't function with them on, so I took most of my right hand's off). As with Papillon v.1, going to the bathroom in public restrooms sucks because I'm trapped in the tiny stall forever trying to lace/unlace the front. =_=

Then 'twas masquerade time! I actually found another Teg* and we were in line together. Her name is even spelled the same as mine; I've never met another me before. XDD Good times sitting with her and her friend. Several hours later and the hallway cosplayers still haven't gone up on stage. By this point, I'm absolutely FREEZING because they're blasting the AC and I'm wearing nothing but spandex. NOT FUN. I was so cold and tired by the time they lined us up for stage that adrenylin didn't kick in and temporarily warm me up. ;_;

* Due to the uniqueness of my name, I'm abbreviating it for the public internets.

Quickest awards ceremony EVER, lol. But I managed to win Dia's judge's award for ze intermediate category (thank you, Dia!)! Yaaaay!

After a long, hot shower, I ran to the food court to get some proper nutrition (I didn't have time for dinner before the masq, but my Kazuki fed me half a sammich), and it was off to the hentai dubbing panel. I only had enough energy to stay for the first half, but it killed me. Especially Chewbaca XDD (I even got a video-- see above links).


Back to something that was easy to put on: Sebastian. Again, due to time constraints between finals and leaving, I was unable to make the changes I wanted to his jacket. So until I re-make the jacket, I'm retiring Sebastian.

'Twas nice not having to check out-- it made everything SO much more relaxed. I mostly wandered around and headed to the VA Roundtable panel when the time came. Got some entertaining videos. Took one more trip through the dealer's room (at this point I have no cash left) and managed to find a dealer that took credit cards (curses! My bank account weeps).

Until closing ceremonies, when *VA who's name I can't remember* got boo'd for wearing a Yankees jersey, I didn't realize how much the town loves their baseball team (who kicked the Rockie's ASSES the one time we made it to the World Series). That was entertaining.


Just as an afterthought. There were still guests hanging around the hotel. Like I passed Veronica Taylor and her daughter deciding where to go to lunch, and the Jpop band doing promo photos downtown.