Curucar's Cosplay


8 October: I recently attended Aki-Con in Bellevew Washington and have the con report and photos right here.

27 Sept: Egads. Why haven't I posted this here? I am activelly involved in the steampunk community in Colorado and have big news!

Victorian Productions is EXCITED to announce that AnomalyCon.Com is live! Slightly ugly, but live nonetheless! Pre-registration is also live--register before November 30th to get your weekend badge for only $15! And don't forget to register for the Grand Ball Tea--only 80 seats available!

We now have a REAL website!

As always, I update Victorian Productions' Twitter account with behind-the-scenes goodies and photos: @victorianpro

We are still searching for vendors, guests, and people to do panels.

13 Sept: Nan Desu Kan 2010 report is up! I'll be seeing everybody at Aki-Con come November!

9 June: I'm declaring this site nearly dead. I'm just using it to host my con reports at this point, but will continue to do so for the reports. However, I'm letting the domain name expire. The site will remain hosted by google at

Speaking of con reports, I'm fresh back from A-Kon. Here be the report!

(since googlepages switched to google sites, the page setup confuses me a bit. Thus the lack of header for the A-Kon report)

24 Oct:  Completely unrelated to cosplay, but I was tired of the lack of follow-up information on Estes Park's Park Theatre Mall fire so I did a quick write-up and photo expedition over the weekend. You can read and see everything here.

13 Sept: This site is the definition of dead, I apologize. The galleries haven't been updated in ages and I know it. For now, here's my Nan Desu Kan 2009 report.

26 May: AB con report is up

6 May: For anybody interested, I will be attending Anime Boston (22-24 May) as Hazel, Papillon, and Sebastian (fri, sat, sun, respectivelly). An easy way to recognize me would be by my chunky Avs bag that I carry everywhere.

29 March: I fail at updating this website. Might anybody have a good program reccommendation that mass watermarks images? That's been my main demotivator in uploading images here.

In other news, I've uploaded a Wasabi Con '09 report.