My main research interests lie in experimental methodology, managerial economics, and the intersection of gender and competition. Particularly, I have an interest in gender differences which are linked to labor market outcomes such as promotion possibilities and the glass ceiling effect. Tangentially, I am also interested in rent seeking and more general contest type structures. Below is a list of my published manuscripts in these areas.
Main Published Manuscripts
  • Endowment Origin, Demographic Effects, and Individual Preferences in Contests (2015), Journal of Economics and Manament Strategy, 24(3), p597-619 ; joint with Roman M. Sheremeta
  • Does the Gender Preference for Competition Affect Job Performance? Evidence From a Real Effort Experiment (2012), Managerial and Decision Economics, V.33, p.531-536
  • Gender, Competition, and Managerial Decisions (2012), Management Science, V.58(1), p.114-122
  • Endowment Effects in Contests (2011), Economics Letters, V.111(3), p.217-219; joint with with Roman M. Sheremeta


Below is a list of published manuscripts from my other, ancillary areas of research. Some projects have arisen from engagement opportunities with my local community members and others have arisen from discussions and interactions with researchers outside my main areas of interest.

Other Published Manuscripts
  • Consumer Preferences for Locally Grown Produce: An Analysis of Willingness-to-Pay and Geographic Scale (2011), Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development V2(1), p.1-10; joint with Todd H. Kuethe & Perry Burnett
  • Has Anything Changed about the Teaching and the Teachers of High School Economics in 20 Years? (2013), The Online Journal of New Horizons in Education, V.3(1), p.45-52; joint with Sudesh Mujumdar & Gregory Valentine
Working Papers
  • Work in Progress
    • Do Students Perform Better in Lecture Courses or Online Courses? Evidence from a Natural Field Experiment
    • Gender and Hiring (with Hayley E. Harrison)
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