Quiz Center for Advanced Macroeconomic Theory I

 Quiz One  Lecture Two - Sept 30

Given basic set-up - What is an efficient allocation. If allocation isn't efficient, what can we conclude? What is CE for the economy

thus we can conclude that if the allocation is not efficient, there exists another feasible allocation that results in higher utility. 

 Quiz Two  Lecture Five - Oct 11

Given basic set-up - What is AD CE? What is SoM CE?

 Quiz Three  Lecture Fourteen - Nov 9

Given preferences with disutility to working, write down social planner's problem and find the two conditions that characterize the optimal solution 

 Quiz Four  Lecture Eighteen - Nov 23

Define a recursive competitive equilibrium of the neo-classical growth model (covered Nov 18th)

Four Quizzes. There is no warming given, other than a more serious look on the professor's face before class, and him keeping a closer eye on the clock and the number of students arriving. 

It seemed like there were originally planned more quizzes, but time constraints prevented them. Quizzes are on topics that the professor wants you to have more-or-less memorized (or, I guess, fully understood) by prelim. time. 

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