Econ 11B - Problem Sets

A very good source of practice material: AMS/Econ11B Review

Problem Sets (Homework Assignments, or whatever you want to call them) are listed below in order.

Problem Set 1 - Due August 2nd 
Questions [PDF] - 30 short questions and one long word problem
Answer Key [PDF

Some step-by-step solutions from Problem Set 1 - potentially good review for the first quiz

 (b) Suppose h(t)=t, so that w=f(x,t), where x=g(t). Use part (a) to find dw/dt and simplify your answer.  An example of the chain rule in action


Problem Set 2 - Due August 9th
Questions [PDF] - 17 book problems plus one long word problem
Answer Key [PDF]

Problem Set 3  Due August 16th
Questions [PDF] - many book problems. One long word problem. 
Answer Key [PDF]

* questions drawn from Haeussler, Paul & Wood's "Introductory Mathematical Analysis for Business, Economics and Life & Social Sciences" & Luba Petersen's original work.