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Collection of Marian Quinlan Curtin's poems that have appeared on this website.

Latest poem from Marian Curtin

NOW Now is the moment And what a wonderful moment Now is A Cloud looking Like a dragon In the sky Soft rain falling As we Irish say Even if it’s a downpour I am smiling to myself At this image On this soft October day As the autumn leaves Are now falling It gives me time To reflect On my life Watching the birds feeding On the window ledge I love autumn With its copper leaves falling And the birds Many different finches A loan robin in the mix A slight chill Bring me out of my summer wonder In a season Of the year Where nature takes Its winter rest A time where I renew my family history On long winter evenings Excitement when a family link is found I must confess I am turning into Sherlock Holmes Ha I am starting my saving jar For our next Curtin Clan Gathering Are you Thinking time flies But I must say I live in the now But it’s ok to plan My plan at this moment Of now Is a nice cup of coffee I am telling myself A slice of currant cake Will be ok On this I will say Slán go fóill Goodbye for now Marian Quinlan Curtin© Templetuohy 6:21:29 pm

Magic There a colourful rainbow Spread across the sky Its colours of beauty Divine to ones eyes I am standing Here wondering If there a Pot of Gold at the end I am wondering Just wondering If the leprechaun Is my friend The sun it is shining The colour of gold The wind it is blowing To keep the air cool The birds they are singing Their songs full of spring I am standing here thinking This is my pot of gold to began The dogs they are barking The cows in the field The farmers are busy Bringing home their winter yield The sun is still shining To gladden ones heart The beauty of nature Is Gods from the start The swallows are building The primrose in bloom The daisies are standing Looking up at the moon A light breeze is blowing As I say goodnight Thanking the lord For this day full of delight The fairies are dancing Around the ring fort As magic just happens At dusk of the day As I close my door And bid them goodnight My heart it is skipping With the magic Of natures delight Marian Quinlan Curtin© Templetuohy Monday, 06 May 2019


I close my eyes to picture

Christmas long ago
When as a child

And made angles in the snow

I can hear my father laughter

I can see the picture

Baking Christmas cake

The songs of long ago

Had pride and place

That stood the battery radio

Made of cardboard

That would be folded with care

And put away for the next Christmas

The chatter of my brothers and sisters

As we all took turns

To get heat from the Stanley range

Simpler times

Simple memories

No electricity in our home

No modern technology

My trip back in time

On this dry November day

Looking forward to this Christmas

Eating the red berries on my holly bush

For the children in our locality

In another country

The Christmas gift of giving is alive and well

It is wonderful to stop

To remember so many Christmases

With so many happy memories

May you Christmas be blessed

May your gifts

Be the gift of love

And the gift of giving

Your listening ear

Your kindness and understanding

But remember those who has less

A minute of your time

Is the most precious gift of all

Have a wonderful and safe Christmas

May twenty and nineteen

Be full of simple blessings

And joy.

I built snowmen

She was singing

The Christmas crib

It was a crib

The smell of plum pudding divine

In our cottage kitchen

Brings joy to me

In twenty and eighteen

I just finished filling

To send to a child far away

Through the years

In so many way

Giving of your time

May your table be full

Those who may be lonely

I hope Santa is good to you all

And yes some sad

And in my mind Of my mother Above the shelf No phones As I look out The garden birds busy A shoe box As this winter day passes

Marian Quinlan Curtin 
© 11/24/2018 

Spring Poem From Marian

As the forest path Lay out before me A crossroad in my day Asking myself Do I go left, right? Or forward Or return to my beginnings I stand in reflection And ask myself some questions The smell of forest pine Devine I close my eyes I can hear a child crying When the world Throws a curve ball And it shocks You through and through Take a second Take a deep breath And hold Now breathe out Look around Ground weeping Continues rain Sky as grey As a sand quarry Chill in the air Spring is suppose To have arrived Windswept cold Icy ground Hard to walk around Winter chill Wind into ones bones Storm clouds gather Sky dark with A slight touch of grey Gray like my mood Birds singing As if the weather should Be in a better mood Sky coloured blue Blue like the ocean In a far off land In a sunny place Feet roasting By a blazing fire One is warm Because in ones mind One can dream I am standing Thinking Spring has come But spring has yet to arrive

Marian Quinlan Curtin 

© 3/24/2018 

For rememberance sunday 11/1/2017

by Marian Quinlan Curtin

Just stop a see 
The poppy grow 
Its colour 
Bloody red 
Just stop 
For that moment 
And think of all 
The dead 
Men from many nations 
Went to save the day 
They gave us our tomorrow 
But they lost their today 

Bow your heads a moment 
And think of them today 
They went into battle 
They marched on 
And some sang this song 
It a long way to Tipperary 
To the battle call 

The battle fields were muddy 
The noise were loud and shrill 
As comrades they lost buddies 
As the guns 
Were never still 
Just stop for a moment 
And remember 
All who died 
Remember all their loved ones 
Who were at homes and cried 

On the field of battle 
They gave their lives 
In nineteen and fourteen 
And it just continues on 
Till nineteen and eighteen 
On the eleventh day 
Of the eleventh month 
At the eleventh hour 
All the guns were still 
So many lost 
O’ what a cost 
For now my mine is still 

Every year 
We pay respect 
And remember all who died 

All who survived 
All their comrades who had died
Now we must continue 
To stop reflect 
And remember 
That they gave us our today 

I will wear my poppy 
With its colour bloody red 
And I will stop 
For a moment 
To remember 
All the dead 
In my minds eye 
Grave stone 
After grave stone 
Row after row 
In far away places 
Where they died in battle 
So long ago 

Marian Quinlan Curtin
 © November 2017

by Marian Quinlan Curtin

The shadows
On the wall
From the evening sun
A young boy
Dancing in a puddle of water
Left by a thunder shower
The next reflection
A shadow of a person
Playing a guitar
Hearing a male voice
Made me think of Elvis
My favourite singer
There ain't nothing but a hound dog
Or blue suede shoes
Sun moving to my left
Reflected a table
And chairs
With two shadows
I am left thinking
Lovers holding hands
To my right
As the sun moves slowly
I see
My own shadow in front of me
Lucky it made me feel good
It did not show my age
Just a shadow moving through
A busy street
With two shopping bags
Almost sunset
The shadows of busses
On the walls of the shops
On a very busy
O’ Connell Street
The next shadow
Made me smile
A horse and trap
In the distance
But its shadow show
Tourists enjoying the sights
Of college green
And trinity college
And I smile
At memories of my childhood
Continuing my journey home
To catch a train from Heuston Station
The sun has closed its eyes
To rest for another day
And I am left hoping
It’s making room for a beautiful moon

Marian Quinlan Curtin ©


Curtin Clan Gathering 2017

   Poem by Marian Quinlan Curtin

Envisage the roots

Of an oak tree


Two hundred years old

Sown in the rich soil

Of Ireland

Imagine it growing

In weather cold

Dark and warm

Through famine and war

Look at its branches

As it grows

Wide and strong

Think of families

From many parts of Ireland


Like Cork, Kerry, Limerick and Clare

Branching out

All over the world

Carrying with them

Their culture

Music and song

Stories told

Down through the generations

In places like Australia


The United States 

And many other corners of the world

England, Scotland and Wales

And many places on our

Island of Ireland

As we gather

Here in Ennis Co Clare

For our tenth

Curtin Clan Gathering

We are here as families

Connected by blood


And most of all by the Curtin surname

Our interests as a Curtin Clan

Is friendships

Genealogy history


Making connections

In many places

Thorough out the world

Promoting and fellowship

Of our culture

Our music and song


The pride we all have

In our Curtin name

The branches of the oak tree

Has travelled

Through many lands

Looking up through the sky

Reaching for the sunlight

Remembering family 

Almost as old as the oak

Or older

If only 

This beautiful oak could talk

A great feeling

Of being at one

With ones roots

And standing in the same spot

Where our ancestors once were

So let’s celebrate

Our ancestors

And say

Go raibh míle maith agat

Marian Quinlan Curtin ©


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

When we celebrate

Children dancing

Of something green

Can be seen

Laughter to be heard

Lines and lines of people

Celebrating having fun

Called Saint Patrick

The shakes away

Our island of Ireland

The tree leaf shamrock

Pride in our culture

Most of all our people

To your island of green

Will awaits you

Be it from far away

All around the world

Who may not make it home

We are all Irish

On Saint Patricks day


Saint Patrick’s Day

In ones hands

On our city streets

Celebrating a saint

Wore with pride

When you return home

Or in cities

And for some

We have parades GAA A drink That drove From Our music and A céad míle fáilte

Marian Quinlan Curtin ©
2/15/2017 11:09:40 AM

Christmas poem from Marion

The wilderness A forest Like I never before seen Christmas trees dancing Merrily To the sound of jingle bells A herd of reindeer Munching on leaves and grasses Two squirrels running around With what looked like a sleigh Am I dreaming? Is what I am seeing true Is it just a figment of my imagination? Because it’s Christmastime All across the nation Santa Clause Is picking snowbells The smell of Christmas pie Mrs Clause is singing nearby Do they know? Its Christmas time at all Snow is falling Mistletoe and wine O’ the holly bush Where a robin stands Singing Away in a manger No crib for a bed A rainbow Reaches the North Pole Reflecting a picture of The elves busy in Santa workshop Making toys For the girls and boys A little bird The wren Carrying a silver star Children making angels in the snow A forest full of Christmas wonders Marian Quinlan Curtin © 17/12/2016 21:06:48
I Hope everyone has a Wonderful Christmas Marian

OCTOBER October is at an end This year I am saying goodbye To a friend Because this year October Was my friend Day’s of sunshine And little rain The autumn leaves Were at their best With colours Bright and yellow Or crisp and brown Red and green Still to be seen The sky Was a delight to see With colours Of blue and white And crimson red A little bit of purple too To make you feel better If you were feeling a little blue And each day As the sun was going to sleep The sky a touch of pink And lilac too To watch a sunrise Or a sunset The sky at night When the moon And stars are shining bright Can guide you on the darkest night A walk in a park With ducks been fed With the bread The children carried A trip around the fairy path With fairies flying Around from tree to tree A pitch and put game Going on Grass been cut So late this year Trick and treaters All dressed up In their wonderful gear Halloween At full swing Children saying Trick or treat Smell my feet Please give me Something Nice to eat This October Was so full of fun I think October Is deserving of its rest Because it gave us It’s very best

Marian Quinlan Curtin © 
31 Oct. 2016

My village
My village is my home
Where my heart flutters
When I pass through
Colours divine
To ones eyes
Mural on the side
Of a wall in the local school
Where laughter can be heard
On a dull winters day
The mural
Looking at nature
Vibrant and it takes you into its core
The church stands proudly
Down chapel lane
We all pass it on the way
To the GAA pitch
And when dropping the children
Of at school
The community hall
Where my parents danced way back
In another time and year
Fleadh Cheoil held there
Someone will
Remember the year
The local cemetery
Standing at the top
Looking beautiful
As the sun shines
Our Lady’s Grotto
A seat to sit
In quite reflection
At its end
As you head for Templemore
A park
The colours
Jump out at you
And makes you remember
Nature is beautiful
And to respect it
As you pass the
Medical centre
Look to your left
The churn reminds me
Of the many lifts to school
When a neighbour
Was taking milk to the creamery
All this wonder
Dose not happen on its own
It is the work
Of volunteers
And the people
Who live in Templetuohy
That all help
To make it a place
Of beauty called Home
Marian Quinlan Curtin ©
Wednesday, 23 July 2016

A serenade A serenade Of wonder Just outside my bedroom window It’s the crack of dawn A dawn chorus Of the many birds Around our home I raise my head To greet a new day Thankful to have it There is beauty In every moment Just look for it My first cup of coffee To wake me up O the beauty Of this morning A soft rain falling Its July twenty sixteen Everything looks Alive and greener It’s the soft rain Doing my garden good Looking at the Devil Bit Mountain Out my dining room window Is like looking at a patchwork quilt Fields green and brown A tractor to be seen Busy spreading slurry Hay been cut For winter fodder For the cattle Our three dogs Daisy, Lily and Louie Waiting for me at the back door Looking forward to their morning walk Rain has stopped now The sky is blue With a touch of grey I am thinking It will make A wonderful day Marian Quinlan Curtin © Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Marian Curtin

One hundred
Years ago
They stood
Side by side
To fight
For freedom
They raised the flag
Up above
The General Post Office

 Padraig Pearse,
The Proclamation
Of the Irish Republic
For the people of Ireland

Words and Ideals
They pondered
Long and hard
To create
A lasting legacy
Those words and Ideals
Are still valued
One hundred years on 

Dust and smoke
The sound of gun fire
Rang out
Over many parts of Dublin
Many arrested
And some paid
The ultimate price
They gave their lives
In that week in May
Nineteen sixteen
When they were shot
By firing squid

One hundred years on
We stand here
In respect
And remember 
All who gave their lives?
And all who suffered
On all sides
In the years that followed
For the freedom
We enjoy today

Our Island of Ireland
Is diverse now
In many ways
Its people 
Can cross borders
In many parts of the world

As the tri colour
Of Green White and Gold
Flutters above us
As we sing
Amhrán na bhFiann
The Soldiers song

Let us remember
All gone before us
That worked so hard
To give us
The freedom
We enjoy today 

May their names
Be echoed
For evermore
May they rest in peace?
In the soil
Of their beloved Ireland

Marian Quinlan Curtin©

Spring 2016
Marian Quinlan Curtin ©

Daffodils dancing
Sun beaming
In my dining room window
Birds chirping
All very busy
Because its spring

Yes spring has arrived
But the spring weather
Has not

We are still
In seasons of winter storms
My bluebells
Reluctant to come out

My time clock
Is still in winter time
After Easter Sundays
Time change

We here on 
Our beautiful
Island of Ireland
Are celebrating
Our people that died
One hundred years ago
For the wonderful freedom
We enjoy today

Through our music
Dance and culture
We are honouring them
And as a people looking forward
To the next decade
We must never forger
The wonderful Women Children and Men
That on that Easter Sunday
One hundred years ago
Stood side by side
In the hope of a better future

Our proclamation
Written way back then
Give freedom and rights to everyone
On our Island

So spring
Is a time 
We so often look back
And look forward to new life
New growth
And new begging’s
May the joy
Of seeing a beautiful flower
On a bitter cold Irish day 
Make you smile
Happy spring

A New Year Poem 
by Marian Quinlan Curtin

Forever Sleep Twenty- fifteen Almost time For a forever sleep To stand In the pages Of history To be Every so often Taken out An analyzed By history buffs Was it a good year? Or a bad one Was it like other years? Or better Each reader Has to decide What About the year About to go into its Forever sleep Was important to them My year Was mixed With wonderful events With sadness With joy in everyday Be it good or bad Because As is life It has it treasures Its joys Its sorrows And for some Its tomorrows Not for all Sadly But looking back My year Over all Was brilliant As the year Closes its eyes Our beautiful Island of Ireland Is under water Storm after storm Since November Nature Angry and crying But We Irish Are resilient In our outlook On everything As I say Slán To Twenty-fifteen Looking forward To A new year With Anticipation In the joy of living And celebrating Each day of Twenty - Sixteen Happy New Year Marian Quinlan Curtin © 30/12/2015

Cold November day
Marian Quinlan Curtin © Co Tipperary Eire 11/2015

 Wind and rain
Like a waterfall
Turning inside out 
There of no help at all
 And the rain is still falling 
Like a waterfall 
But there is a certain beauty 
A certain beauty 
To it all 

A sharp wind
From north to south It is defiantly 
Not a day
 For any person to be out

 The turf fire 
Looks inviting 
With a cup of tea 
Home made 
Brown bread 
Spread with jam 

A good book to read 
A love story 
Or a thriller
 Will it matter 
Electric lights 
On all day 
Because the day outside 
Is so wet and grey 
Well that’s the story 
On this November day 

Marian Quinlan Curtin © Co Tipperary Eire 11/2015

Scattered autumn leaves 
Across the lawn 
The lawn 
Now asleep 
For the winter months
 Cold and dark 
The sky grey
The colour of gloom
The birds feeding 
On the bird table 
Just staying long enough 
To fill there bellies 
Before taking shelter 
From the wind 
I am here thinking 
What a contrast 
In the seasons 

Cold dark 
Sharp and slippy 
Most of nature asleep 
The daffodil 
Swaying smiling 
At the harsh weather 
Tulips divine in colour 
Bringing a smile
To ones lips 
On a dull and cold day 

An awaking 
Of nature 
And growth 
Flowers smiling 
Grass looking greener
 Hedge rows alive 
With the sounds of spring
 Primroses and cowslips 
Starting to ready 
There selves for summer 

The cutting of silage 
Hay making 
Trips to the seaside 
Skies blue 
Its colour beautiful 
Swallows returning 
To spend time rearing their young 
Turf cutting 
And saving
Long carefree days 
Spent in one with nature 

Time to wind down 
At the turning of the season 
A season to reflect 
On things past 
Time to be in ones own company
Like with nature 
To get to know 
What one has to do 
To survive 
The winter months

Sun shining in the sky
Its yellow glow
Would warm you
The sky colour blue
Rays from the sun
Reflecting on the wind turbine
Reflecting like a rainbow
On to our local church spire
A beautiful picture
On this summers day

Dandelions and wild daisies
Growing wild
Near the whitethorn hedge
They look as if they are smiling
Children playing a game of hurling
In the local pitch
In the green and gold
Of Templetuohy
My village
My home
Neighbours sitting chatting
On the window ledge
In this wonderful sunshine

Farmers busy
Cutting hay and silage
For winter fodder
Turf cutting and saving
In full swing
For winter fuel
Tea tastes divine
Sitting amongst
Wild heather
Bog cotton
Like ballerinas
In the dance school

All the sights
And sounds of summer
Swallows flying
In and out of our shed
Feeding their young
To soon they will be on their way again
To South Africa
When summer closes her eyes
To make way
For a different kind of beauty
Marian Quinlan Curtin ©


A new chapter Of the year New born lambs In lush green meadows Along side The mountain road Daffodils standing proudly Beautiful purple bluebells Scattered along The forest path

Yes Spring has sprung The chatter of the birds In the early morning Brings A spring To one’s step My favourite time of year The joy of seeing new growth The smells Of fresh cut grass Flowers scents heavenly To ones nose There is nothing Grander Then a beautiful Spring day A walk by a river A bit of fishing Or a good run To shake of The cobwebs of winter Marian Quinlan Curtin © 22/02/2015 15:34:38

A craze  

From a faraway land
Raised much needed cash
For a horrid Disease
Motor Neurone
It leaves the person
Unable to walk, talk
Or do anything
But the sad fact
They still have sharp minds
And know what’s
Happening to them
A family
Whets happening
Is hard
Because they can only care for 
And love the person
But can’t cure
This Horrid disease

In the last weeks
I have laughed
I have almost wet myself
Looking at wonderful people
Ice bucketing themselves
For the cost of two Euro to a charity
To help people
I am still laughing
At myself 
I actually enjoyed
Throwing water over myself
Thinking did I do that
And give two Euros to a great cause
And I laughed at myself
The world needed a good dose 
Of Laughter
So folks
Enjoy the challenge
And do it safely

Every year
We wear the shamrock
With pride
Because of
The well-known meanings
That were imparted
To the shamrock by St. Patrick, 
Who compared the
Plant’s tri-part leaves
To the Holy Trinity: 
The Father, Son and Host Spirit.
Shamrocks are found
With four leaves.
These are so rare
And considered
To be very lucky
For the finder
So I must go to have a look
Maybe I’ll get lucky
But I am lucky already
I am Irish

We also wear our Flag
Of green white 
And gold
We are a proud people
We like to celebrate
Our Saints Feast day
With love of our country
And culture
And a great spirit of joy
And be merry
For everyone
That’s away from home
Happy Saint Patrick’s Day
Bands play
Children dance
Flags flutter
In a light wind
Have a green Gunness
Put on a green smile
Or walk a green mile
After all
It’s Saint Patrick’s Day

Marian Quinlan Curtin©     Copyright 11th March 2014 

Poem at opening of the Gathering in Macroom, July 2013

The Time

The time has come 

To meet with family 

The time has come 

To renew friendships 

The time has come 

To make new friends 

The time has come 

For a great weekend

The time has come 

To learn about history 

And also about Our D.N.A.

Some will visit 

To see my Island

 And to visit friends 

They made 

Along the way

Some will make a trip 

To Rochchapel, Knocknafourtig 

And take a drive 

To Meelin too

And go across the border to Kerry 

Because family roots 

In Brosna too 

Some will stop for a coffee in Limerick 

To call on family 

In Templeglantine: 

A trip to Clare M

ore family roots 

And another visit is a must

Take a trip around 

The ring of Kerry 

Another to the cliffs of 

Mother Rock of Cashel 

And Holy Cross Abbey 

If some have time 

A trip to Moneygall I

n County Offaly 

Where Present Obama 

Made a visit 

Had a Guinness

While you are a visitor 

To my Island of green

Learn to dance

 A bit of fishing 

Plenty of lovely 

River banks 

To be sitting

So the 26th 27 and 28th 

Of July twenty and thirteen 

The Castle hotel In Macroom

Is the place to be

Now let me see 

If nothing at all Y

ou will have the pleasure O

f meeting Curtin family 

Making new friends 

With this thought 

This poem I will end.

Marian Quinlan Curtin © Tipperary, July 2013

As I look Out the Window

As I look out the window and see,
God’s beautiful sunshine-
Shining in on me.
I look up at the sky what do I see
A fluffy white cloud
After a long winter of rain,
I am glad the good weather has come at last.
As I sit here I see a lovely sight,
A little bird is busy collecting to make her nest,
She is trying to make it a masterpiece.
The buds are coming on the trees.
It’s nice to see the trees blowing in the breeze.
I am sitting here, thanking God for what he has given me,
A beautiful garden
For me to see.
I go for a walk in the meadow nearby,
There are lovely sounds
For me to hear
As I walk by.
A cow is mooing in a field nearby.
In the distance I hear the new born lambs
The farmer is busy spreading slurry
In a field across the road
The sound of a plane
High up in the sky
There is a tree beside the house;
The crows are making a lot of noise.
The sound of children playing in a yard nearby,
Time is just flying by.
I can smell the fresh grass from the house next door.
A donkey and cart just passed,
It’s a wonder to see,
Nowadays you don’t see too many of does
I think I will put down my pen,
I better cook the dinner

Before the Hubby come in

Marian Quinlan Curtin © Copyright May 2014

Picture Postcard

A Christmas scene
On a postcard
Lightens my mood
Snow cover hedgerows
A lone holly bush
With red berries
Standing in the middle of
A suburban garden
A robin standing still
Watching and waiting
By the back door
For left over crumbs
From some ones breakfast

People rushing
To a fro
To catch the bus
Into the city
For last minute shopping
A busker singing
Christmas time
Mistletoe and wine
On Grafton Street

Brings me back 
To another time
In my memory
Back in the late sixties
With our mum
Shopping for our
Younger sister and brothers
Happy times
In a different Dublin
Then it is now

Coming back to reality
To this day 
When a picture postcard
Gave me a feeling
Of another Christmas
Way back 
In my memory

Marian Quinlan Curtin©
 copyright 28/10/2014 

Poem Read at Opening of the Curtin Gathering  September 2015, Grand Island, New York

Every so often
We gather together To meet and greet
To laugh and sing
To learn
All about our past

Family by name
Four counties
In the beautiful
Island of Ireland
Kerry, Cork, Limerick
And Clare
There are
A few more Curtins
Scattered around Ireland
Here and there

All around the world
Australia, Tasmania,
Canada America
England Scotland
Almost every country
Has a link by name

>From way back
In Famine times
Our forefathers left
Their native land
Through hunger
To give a better
To their Children’s
So we gather
Every four years
In our native land Ireland
And every two somewhere
Else in the world
Where the Curtin name
Is carried
With pride

So from September
The eleventh to the thirteenth
Twenty fifteen
We gather as a family
By name, by blood
And by friendship
We learn about
Our past, our links
And our DNA
We laugh
Tell stories
Do a bit of
Irish dancing
Forge friendships
That will last a lifetime
All thanks to
The Curtin Clan

Marian Quinlan Curtin © Co Tipperary Eire

Tim Maher and Marian Quinlan Curtin outside Templemore Town Hall Easter Sunday morning 2014 reading her poem Island Today

Island Today

As I laid my head on my pillow
With a big eiderdown 
At my feet
Lying there cosy and warm
Hoping to sleep until morn.

And as I lay there in slumber
A dream appeared in my head
I was somewhere in Dublin
I was outside Kilmainham Jail instead.
I turned to the person beside me
He had a newspaper in his hand
I glanced at the date on the paper
It was dated May 12th 1916

The headline on the paper
Gave the names of the men 
Executed For Ireland

The names were as followed

P.H Pearse, Thomas MacDonagh, Thomas J. Clarke. May 3rd 1916
Willie Pearse, Joseph Plunkett, Edward Daly, and Michael Hanrahan, May 4th 1916
John MacBride, May 5th 1916
Cornelius Colbert, Eamonn Ceannt, Michael Mallin and Sean Heuston, May 8th 1916.
Thomas Kent, May 9th 1916
James Connolly and Seán MacDiarmada, May 12th 1916

Is the beauty in dying?
Or is the victory in death.

Then I saw a boy at the corner
Reading a sheet in his hand and the first two lines I was glancing were familiar in my mind,
In the name of God and of the dead generations
In my unconscious mind
It was the words of Our Proclamation

I awoke And then
I thought I was not born
I did not live
Back in nineteen sixteen
But those brave women and men
Gave me my freedom of speech
My right to say
What I want
For my Island today.

Written on Friday, May 23, 2008
Marian Quinlan Curtin © Copyright

Happy St. Patrick's Day

A DAY TO BE PROUD When you’re far away from home 

On the other side of the world 

The mailman arrives 

With goodies from home 

Cadburys chocolate

 And tayto crisps 

And in amongst it all

 Is a badge 

To wear 

On Saint Patrick’s Day 
A day for us all to be proud 

A day to celebrate 

Our love of culture 

Drink something green

 Wear the shamrock 

And a meal of bacon 

Cabbage, turnip, and potato 

The Irish flag 

On our dinner plate 

Of green white and gold 

We dance 

And make merry 

Floats and drums play 

In many local parades 

All around 

Our Island 

My home 

And all over the world Irish dancing 

Shown at its best 

Children getting the 

Irish flag painted 

On their faces 

The feast day of 

Our patron Saint 

Saint Patrick 

People visit 

From all over the world 

To our beautiful 

Island of Ireland 

On this day 

Every year 

On the 17th of March 

Marian Quinlan Curtin© 


Bíodh iontach Lá Fhéile Pádraig, 

Bain sult as agus a bheith sásta

(Have a wonderful Saint Patrick's Day, 

Enjoy and be happy) 


Marian Quinlan Curtin©
 copyright 21/2/2015 

Poem from Marian Quinlan Curtin

On this day in December 

And here I am sitting
Filling you folks in on my year
As I sit and remember 
A year full of good tidings
Of laughter and 
Yes a few tears

My son settled into his new life
He is happy
With the love of his life
I crossed to pond to visit
There home
Coronation Street set
A great few days spent
With loved ones
And a visit to friends

And my oldest daughter
Lives not to far away
My grandchildren are
Growing up fast
I will have
To put blocks
On their heads
To make their childhood last
A bit longer

I met Michael D Higgins
Our president
With the Clans of Ireland
In his home

I flew across the sea to the U.S.A.
For the Curtin Clan gathering
Next one Ireland 2017
Save those pennies or the dimes
Because I promise
You will have a great time

Many more Curtin’s
I met
Lots of fun and chatter
Friendships made
History learned
A bit of ghost hunting
A rambling house
Need I say more?
Great company
With Heidi
As my host
I could not have
Asked for better

My baby has nice fellow
And moved into
Her new home

I will turn the page
And I yell
My tree dogs 
Have a hole as big as a mountain
Out in my flower bed

O’ no I scratch my head
My three cats 
Are paying homage
To my turkey
And watching the ham as well

Christmas day
Should be interesting
But sorry
I can’t foretell
I let out a massive yell

A lot
Of our Island is under water
Houses flooded
Shops destroyed
Four storms so far this year
Storm Abigail, 13th November 2015
Storm Barney 16th November 2015
Storm Clodagh November 30th 2015
Storm Desmond December the 8th 2015
And still happening
What next all
Since the start of November
Yellow and Orange warnings

I must finish this
With Christmas wishes
To all
May next year be good for all
A warm home
Food on the table
A roof over 
Everyone’s head
Good health
And take
Each day with the joy it brings.

Marian Quinlan Curtin©