11th Biennial Curtin Clan Gathering 

April 11-14, 2019


Thanks to  Margaret Curtain, Jo-Ann Wylie, Tom Schoegler, Anne Curtin Riley, Mary Zadorozny and Dan Curtin for the photos.


Scot-Irish in Virginia - Dan Curtin
The Other Irish 

Peterborough Settlement - Gerard Curtin

DNA Report - Dan Curtin
DNA Update

Using Social Media - Patrick Curtin
Social Media

A Poem by Marian Curtin 

A tree has roots
In the ground
Family has roots
In their DNA
And genealogy
The roots of
A splendid tree
Can go back
Many hundreds of years
DNA can go back to the start of time
Genealogy can be a journey
Of fact finding
Puzzle solving
And a great tale
That we can find
Along the journey
Of finding our families roots
We can make
Many friends
In our journey of genealogy
A journey of finding our past
In whom our kin folk were
Where did they come from
And where did they go
To eek out a living
In what part of the world
Did they settle
To raise there families
Carrying with them
There music culture and song
The Curtin Name
Is in many parts
The world over
But the Curtin hubs
Are in four Counties
On the beautiful
Island of Ireland
Cork, Kerry,
Limerick and Clare
In the province
Of Munster

As you all gather
For the
11th Biennial Curtin Clan Gathering
April 11-14, 2019
Williamsburgh, VA
Enjoy your time
As family
And Cousins in Genealogy

Marian Quinlan Curtin ©
Co Tipperary

10 February 2019

Curtin Clan Gathering 2017


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Welcoming Poem by Marian Quinlan Curtin

Envisage the roots

Of an oak tree


Two hundred years old

Sown in the rich soil

Of Ireland

Imagine it growing

In weather cold

Dark and warm

Through famine and war

Look at its branches

As it grows

Wide and strong

Think of families

From many parts of Ireland


Like Cork, Kerry, Limerick and Clare

Branching out

All over the world

Carrying with them

Their culture

Music and song

Stories told

Down through the generations

In places like Australia


The United States 

And many other corners of the world

England, Scotland and Wales

And many places on our

Island of Ireland

As we gather

Here in Ennis Co Clare

For our tenth

Curtin Clan Gathering

We are here as families

Connected by blood


And most of all by the Curtin surname

Our interests as a Curtin Clan

Is friendships

Genealogy history


Making connections

In many places

Thorough out the world

Promoting and fellowship

Of our culture

Our music and song


The pride we all have

In our Curtin name

The branches of the oak tree

Has travelled

Through many lands

Looking up through the sky

Reaching for the sunlight

Remembering family 

Almost as old as the oak

Or older

If only 

This beautiful oak could talk

A great feeling

Of being at one

With ones roots

And standing in the same spot

Where our ancestors once were

So let’s celebrate

Our ancestors

And say

Go raibh míle maith agat

Marian Quinlan Curtin ©


DNA Presentation at 2017 Gathering in Ennis, Ireland,  April 2017

Google Presentation

2015 Grand Island, New York, USA

Resolutions from Erie County, New York and US House of Representatives

Photos from Gathering (it may take a few seconds to load.)


Marian Quinlan Curtin's poem at opening of the Curtin Gathering 

We gather together To meet and greet
To laugh and sing
To learn
All about our past

Family by name
Four counties
In the beautiful
Island of Ireland
Kerry, Cork, Limerick
And Clare
There are
A few more Curtins
Scattered around Ireland
Here and there

All around the world
Australia, Tasmania,
Canada America
England Scotland
Almost every country
Has a link by name
From way back
In Famine times
Our forefathers left
Their native land
Through hunger
To give a better
To their Children’s
So we gather
Every four years
In our native land Ireland
And every two somewhere
Else in the world
Where the Curtin name
Is carried
With pride

So from September
The eleventh to the thirteenth
Twenty fifteen
We gather as a family
By name, by blood
And by friendship
We learn about
Our past, our links
And our DNA
We laugh
Tell stories
Do a bit of
Irish dancing
Forge friendships
That will last a lifetime
All thanks to
The Curtin Clan

Past Gatherings
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2013 - Macroom County Cork, Ireland

  2011 - Chicago, Illinois, USA 

2009 - Templeglantine, County Limerick, Ireland

 2007 - Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

 2005 - Mallow, County Cork, Ireland

 2003 - Skaneateles, New York, USA

 2001 - Lisdoonvarna, County Clare, Ireland

 1999 - Burlington (Boston), Massachusetts, USA