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Curtin Family Series
Margaret Curtain

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Book 1  – Curtins originating in Ahane, Brosna, Co Kerry and descendants movement to other countries. 456 pages. Covers 11 family groups in Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Book 2 – Curtins originating in Knockogno, Brosna, Co Kerry – the movement to Rockchapel, Co. Cork and elsewhere in the world. 124 Pages. Covers 3 family groups in Ireland and USA.
Book 3 – Curtins originating in Toureenamaire, Rockchapel, Co Cork, and their descendants. 360 pages. Covers 5 family groups in Ireland, USA, New Zealand and Australia (including 2 convicts).

Book 4 – Curtins originating in Kilshannig Parish, Co Cork and their descendants. 181 pages. Covers 7 family groups in Ireland, England, Australia, and USA.

Book 5 – Curtins originating in Newmarket to Rockchapel Parish and their descendants. 578 pages. Covers 27 Curtin groups from this area and their emigration to other countries.

Book 6 - Curtins originating in Listowel / Duagh to Knocknagoshel / Brosna and their descendants, 466 pages. Covers 17 Curtin groups from this area and their emigration to other countries.

Book 7 – Curtins originating in Knocknagoshel & Brosna to Castleisland, Killarney and Tralee and their descendents. 460 pages. Covers 26 Curtin groups from this area and their emigration to other countries.

Book 8 - Curtins originating in Mt. Collins & Tournafulla to Abbeyfeale, County Limerick and their descendents. 484 pages. Covers 11 Curtin groups from this area and their emigration to other countries.

Book 9Curtins originating in Mt. Collins, Abbeyfeale to Newcastle West, County Limerick and their descendants. 
500 pages.  Covers 14 Curtin groups from this area and their emigration to other countries.

Book 10 - Curtins originating in Ballycommane, Killacullen, Newcastle West, Rathkeale, Stonehall & Templeglantine,. County Limerick and their descendants.  460 pages.  Covers 13 Curtin groups from this area and their emigration to other countries.

Book 11 Curtins originating in Patrickswell, Ballingarry and Limerick City. County Limerick and their descendants.  328 pages.  Covers 7 Curtin groups from this area and their emigration to other countries.

Book 12 – Curtins originating in Mallow, Killavullen, Fiddane and Shanballymore, Co Cork and their descendants.  516 pages covering 15 dynasties.
Book 13 – Curtins orginating in Mallow, Doneraile, Castletownroche, Millstreet to Mourneabbey, Co Cork and their descendants.  420 pages covering 12 dynasties.

Book 14 – Curtins originating in Cork City, Little Island & Midelton, Co Cork and their descendants who stayed in Ireland or emigrated to Australia and USA.  518 pages covering 11 dynasties.

Book 15 – Curtins originating in Cork City, Co Cork and emigrating to Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Descendants from Timothy Curtin and Catherine O’Grady.   708 pages

(son of John Curtin and Mary Cohilon)


Book 16 – Curtins originating in Cork City, Co Cork and emigrating to Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.Descendants from John Curtin and Margaret Devine.  424 pages

(son of John Curtin and Mary Cohilon)

Other Authors

Melting Pot: New novel by Tom Curtin 12/2017

From Galway student to NY cockroach exterminator in 1969

Three Galway university students get working visas for the Summer of 1969 – the last Summer of love.

They flee from the tyranny of Catholic morality and anxious interference from parents for the pleasure pot that was New York. They take to it quickly.

The main character, Moloney, through a series of lies, finds work as a cockroach exterminator in Harlem. But he has another mission: his mother wants him to trace her sister who emigrated in the 1930’s and disappeared.

Having had a number of girlfriends, he finally reunites with his old love from Galway who joins in the search.

The book not only traces his long-lost aunt, but traces his journey from boy to man – touching on religion, sex, drugs and race.

Judi Curtin

Judi is an Irish author who has written/co-written 19 books since 2003, mainly children's books.

Paul J. Curtin
West Limerick Roots
The Laurence Curtin Family of Knockbrack, Co. Limerick, Ireland
Published 1994
6 x 9 inches,  Hard Cover, Black & White photos
440 pages
Selling price = $25.00 (US  currency)  plus shipping
Contact .. Paul Curtin, 11007 Legends Lane, Austin, Texas, USA 78747
Mary Curtin-Savard
"THE LETTERS" by Joe and Mary      
Published 2008
Selling Price: $25.00   Canadian  or US  dollars
PLUS     postage/handling  Can/US  $10.00
(After  publication costs, proceeds from sale of this book are going to
Leiomyosarcoma Direct Research (LMSdr)
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THE LETTERS is a true story, and one told through a sampling of the two thousand original love letters written between a Roman Catholic priest and a young woman half his age. The letters from this sampling are from 1966-69; they record the particular circumstances of the two main characters and how their lives were then intertwined.

In an atmosphere of ever-increasing love, Joe Curtin and Mary must face daunting challenges : in particular the devastation they will face because of Joe's rare, deadly cancer-- and consequently the very short time that remains for them to be together. Joe's mental anguish as he realizes that Mary and their two small children must face the future without him is brought into singularly sharp focus.

The publication is divided into thirteen segments; each is introduced by a letter written by Mary to their children as she is re-reading and arranging these letters that had been stored away for close to forty years.

Though this is an immensely sad story, it is also an inspiring window into intense love, great courage, and ultimate victory. This book will move you deeply as it turns its unique light on the glory of human love and determination in the face of almost insurmountable odds.

John P. Curtin; Edited by James C. Quinn

Pucker Street - The First 100 Years: A History of the Village of Marcellus

This lively history of the Village of Marcellus, New York, covering 1853 to 1953, celebrates the life of the small American community as seen through historical records and newspaper accounts.



The New Pucker Street - 1953 to Present

The New Pucker Street documents many of the changes that have taken place in Marcellus since the celebration of the Village Centennial in 1953.



John P. Curtin

Educated at Niagara University and the State University of New York, John P. Curtin spent 35 years teaching history in the Syracuse City School District and is presently employed by LeMoyne College in Syracuse, NY as a field supervisor of student teachers. Since 1995, he has been a member of the Marcellus Village Board of Trustees and in 2010 was elected to a four-year term as Mayor of the Village.  He is also a trustee of the Marcellus Historical Society.  He has been a Trustee of St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Marcellus since 2005, as well as a long-time trustee of the Marcellus Historical Society. He and his wife, Maureen McMahon Curtin, have lived in their house on First Street in the Village of Marcellus for over 40 years, where they raised their children to adulthood. As the parents of four grown children and the grandparents of twelve (nine of whom live in the Village of Marcellus), they enjoy spending much time with them and their families. They also have a strong interest in family histories, many of which, including their own, span the history of the Village of Marcellus. 


Gerald Curtin

West Limerick; Crime, Popular Protest and Society, 1820-45

This book examines West Limerick in the pre-famine years through the lens of reported crime and is based on a doctoral thesis recently completed at the University of Limerick.

The study expertly explores and analyses society at the time and the pressures and tensions within it. In addition it is history from the bottom up where the lives, problems and issues of ordinary people are given centre stage.

For the historian the book provides a fascinating insight into society in Ireland in the pre-famine era. It is also of interest to genealogists as among the family names included in the index are Curtins, Sullivans, Purtills, Kellys, Connors, Kennedys, Houghs, Longs, Lenihans, etc. The books contains 330 pages and is available in paperback.

The book is available from the author at Four Roads, Ballyhahill, Co. Limerick, Ireland.

The cost including airmail postage is 34 euros. 

Phone: +353 69 82222

Fax: +353 69 82226

Mobile: +353 86 6026379


Mary Curtin Meldazis

Then, Now and In Between, A Nurse's Story

Dedicated to caregivers, worldwide.

Available by email

Rob Cook, Carl Curtain

When the Dust Settles (2013)

When third generation Northern Territory cattleman Rob Cook set out on a routine mustering job in a chopper it was a day in the outback like any other, but when the

chopper suddenly fell out of the sky, smashing into the ground, it was the day that changed everything. This one-time professional bull-rider had been in scrapes before – he

had miraculously walked away from a previous crash in his beloved Gyro, but this time it was different. This time there was no walking away. Seven hours later he was rescued from

the wreck on one of Australia's most remote cattle stations, Suplejack Downs Station, and his journey back to life, his young family and the way of life he loved had only just begun.

WHEN THE DUST SETTLES is the extraordinary story of cattleman Rob Cook's journey back to life from a catastrophic helicopter accident that left him paralysed - it is also the story of Suplejack Downs Station and one of Australia's most remarkable and resilient bush dynasties.

Available at

Carl Curtain is the executive producer of the Northern Territory Country Hour.  Carl has been living in the Top End for the last seven years, taking on the role of ABC Rural Executive Producer for the Northern Territory in 2010.  He has previously worked in a number of ABC stations as a rural journalist, including in South Australia and Western Australia.