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by Marian Quinlan Curtin

The shadows
On the wall
From the evening sun
A young boy
Dancing in a puddle of water
Left by a thunder shower
The next reflection
A shadow of a person
Playing a guitar
Hearing a male voice
Made me think of Elvis
My favourite singer
There ain't nothing but a hound dog
Or blue suede shoes
Sun moving to my left
Reflected a table
And chairs
With two shadows
I am left thinking
Lovers holding hands
To my right
As the sun moves slowly
I see
My own shadow in front of me
Lucky it made me feel good
It did not show my age
Just a shadow moving through
A busy street
With two shopping bags
Almost sunset
The shadows of busses
On the walls of the shops
On a very busy
O’ Connell Street
The next shadow
Made me smile
A horse and trap
In the distance
But its shadow show
Tourists enjoying the sights
Of college green
And trinity college
And I smile
At memories of my childhood
Continuing my journey home
To catch a train from Heuston Station
The sun has closed its eyes
To rest for another day
And I am left hoping
It’s making room for a beautiful moon

Marian Quinlan Curtin ©


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An important benefit of joining the Clan is connecting with Margaret Curtain, our genealogist.  She has collected a wealth of information from buying up thousands of documents for Curtin families worldwide since 1977. She is a founding member of the Clan, and was presented the insignia appointing her as a Companion of the Order of Clans of Ireland (CIOM) by the Irish vice counsel at the Chicago Gathering in June 2011. 

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Curtin Village, Pennsylvania is looking for a few volunteers to staff events at the reopened attraction. (2/18/2017)

Courtney Curtin shares the heartbreak and challenges of breast cancer. (2/7/2017) 

Keith Curtin is an Entrepreneur, Brand Marketing Executive & Founder of See Digital. (2/6/2017)

To celebrate World Book Day on 2nd March, Judi Curtin has written a special story called Fast Forward featuring the characters from her most recent book Time After Time. And you could win a copy. (2/1/2017)

Deaf lawyer Teresa Curtin sworn in to United States Supreme Court by Chief Judge using sign language. (2/1/2017)

Kerri Heffeman-Curtin is top Berkshire-Hathaway realtor in New Canaan, Connecticut. (1/30/2017)

Franklin Carmichael Art Centre was a gift to Etobicoke, Toronto, Ontario, Canada by Dr. Agnes Anne Curtin, MD. (1/25/2017)

Participants in the famous 100 year-old "Dancing at the Crossroads" photo identified, including a Jerry Curtin  (1/22/2017)

Perth, Australia writer Amanda Curtin has just released a new novel -Elemental. (1/17/2017)

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Wales Air Ambulance medic Rhyan Curtin honored. (1/10/2017)