A New Year Poem 
by Marian Quinlan Curtin

Forever Sleep Twenty- fifteen Almost time For a forever sleep To stand In the pages Of history To be Every so often Taken out An analyzed By history buffs Was it a good year? Or a bad one Was it like other years? Or better Each reader Has to decide What About the year About to go into its Forever sleep Was important to them My year Was mixed With wonderful events With sadness With joy in everyday Be it good or bad Because As is life It has it treasures Its joys Its sorrows And for some Its tomorrows Not for all Sadly But looking back My year Over all Was brilliant As the year Closes its eyes Our beautiful Island of Ireland Is under water Storm after storm Since November Nature Angry and crying But We Irish Are resilient In our outlook On everything As I say Slán To Twenty-fifteen Looking forward To A new year With Anticipation In the joy of living And celebrating Each day of Twenty - Sixteen Happy New Year Marian Quinlan Curtin © 30/12/2015

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Welcome to the Curtin Clan!  

Many of us enjoyed sitting around the table listening to stories from our grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents and cousins.  Many of those voices are now silent, yet our yearning to connect with the generations before us is still strong.  The Curtin Clan offers the opportunity to connect with stories that help us better understand our history.  

An important benefit of joining the Clan is connecting with Margaret Curtain, our genealogist.  She has collected a wealth of information from buying up thousands of documents for Curtin families worldwide since 1977. She is a founding member of the Clan, and was presented the insignia appointing her as a Companion of the Order of Clans of Ireland (CIOM) by the Irish vice counsel at the Chicago Gathering in June 2011. 

Another benefit is connecting with our DNA project coordinator, Dan Curtin. We have a number of Curtins who have participated and this will help expand your genealogy research.  We have quarterly newsletters and will have our next gathering in Ireland in Spring 2017.

Sláinte chuig na fir, agus go mairfidh na mná go deo!  (Health to the men and may the women live forever!)

Patrick J. Curtin
Clan Chief

The Curtin Clan Gathering
Grand Island, New York

Additional photos are here.

Famine Memorial, Buffalo, New York Sept 2015

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Curtins in the News

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Elemental is the title of book by Amanda Curtin about a red hair girl in the Orkney Islands. (2/8/2016)

Tribute to Jack "Monk" Curtin, Auburn, NY softball legend - part 1. (1/18/2016) Part 2 (1/31/2016)

Dennis Curtin of Plattsburgh, NY donated his classic 1965 Ford Mustang for family center raffle. (1/30/2016)

Mike Curtin of Rochester, NY is head athletic trainer at University of Alaska - Fairbanks. (1/29/2016)

Pat Curtin
, CEO of Shamrock Boats, is opening a new boat factory in Thomasville, Georgia. (1/26/2016)

Dr. Leah Curtin discusses "Morals, Ethics and Nursing" in radio interview. (1/22/2016)

Donna Curtin
of Syracuse, NY drives rare Studebaker car. (1/21/2016) 

Troy Curtin
is in sales and customer service for Nelson and Pade, an aquaponics farm in Wisconsin.  (1/12/2016)

Gillian Cooper-Curtin
is author and historian of the Kapunda, Australia RSL. (1/10/2016)

Dr. Kevin A. Curtin, assistant professor of counseling, contributed a chapter to the recently released “Group Experts Share Their Favorite Activities for Supervision.”  (1/10/2016)

First grader Caden Curtin is donating proceeds of her published book to help classmate's fight for life. (1/10/2016)

Aisling Curtin
, a psychologist, writes about 5 questions to ask yourself as you ring in the new year (12/31/2015)

Retired builder Howard Curtin develops new craft with commodes. (12/28/2015)

Former Kerry footballer Patrick Curtin suffered serious head injuries in a car accident in Central America. (12/27/2015)

Sean Curtin authors "Limerick - A Stroll Down Memory's Lane" 12/11/2015

John Curtin
, Senior Vice President of Corporate Business Development at Paul Hemmer Company, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the Home Builders Association of Northern Kentucky. (11/30/2015)

Thomas Curtin
is a fierce competitor for Virginia Tech Cross Country. (11/12/2015)

William Curtin
elected to Ramsey, New Jersey Board of Education. (11/12/2015)

Cheri Curtin
is leaving PATH after 10 years as Executive Director. (11/10/2015)

Kathi Curtin-Williams
of Peterborough, Ontario honored for her volunteerism by Fleming College. (11/10/2015)

Jim Curtin named director of research at Gray Television. (11/10/2015)

Lt. Colonel (retired) John Curtin spoke at the Ceremony of Remembrance in Olney, United Kingdom. (11/9/2015)

Deborah Curtin
is signing copies of her new book about US Marines, "Today is the Day" imn Londonderry, New Hampshire. (11/9/2015)

Visa's Chief Innovation Officer Chris Curtin comments on the possibilities of mobile payments (10/7/2015)

Kathleen Curtin explores the underbelly of Paris with her new book "Madame Luna"/ (11/5/2014)

Virginia Tech cross country runner Thomas Curtin was named the NCAA Division I Men’s National Athlete of the Week by the U.S. Track and Field and Cross Country Coaches Association. (11/4/2015)

Donna Curtin named Executive Director of Pilgrim Society and Pilgrim Hall Museum in Massachusetts. (11/4/2015)

Rev. Jim Curtin is organizing healing mass for victims of PTSD in Lockport, Illinois. (10/29/2015)

Julie Curtin
will devise marketing plan for Northern Colorado region. (10/29/2015)

Deputy Attorney General Christopher Curtin,is the Delaware state’s ombudsman. (10/25/2015)

Loretta Curtin
 of Melbourne, Australia is helping to improve the lives of disadvantaged people through her social enterprise Good Cycles
. (10/21/2015)

Rev. Anne Curtin is receiving the domestic violence coordinated community response award in Troy, NY.  (10/16/2015)

Fiona Curtin
nominated as finalist for Irish Marketer of the Year.  (10/15/2015)

Pippa Curtin
is the voice 
and influence practitioner at the Young People's Support Services in Grimsby, United Kingdom (10/15/2015)

Brian Curtin
is restaurant and golf club manager at Wading River, New York course. (10/14/2015)

Dr. Agnes Anne Curtin, MD, is one of the 
Etobicoke, Canada Hall of Fame’s initial roster of inductees. (10/14/2015)

Author Judi Curtin is interviewed in Listowel, Ireland.  (10/12/2015)

Professor Tara Curtin to speak about mercury in New York State's Finger Lakes. (10/6/2015)

Maryland school teacher, Ann Curtin, publishes first book, Dreamcatcher. (10/3/2015)

Connecticut newspaper tells the stories of men killed in Vietnam including John G. Curtin. (10/3/2015)