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CHRISTMAS MEMORIES I close my eyes to picture Christmas long ago
When as a child I built snowmen And made angles in the snow I can hear my father laughter And in my mind I can see the picture Of my mother Baking Christmas cake She was singing The songs of long ago The Christmas crib Had pride and place Above the shelf That stood the battery radio It was a crib Made of cardboard That would be folded with care And put away for the next Christmas The smell of plum pudding divine The chatter of my brothers and sisters As we all took turns To get heat from the Stanley range In our cottage kitchen Simpler times Simple memories No electricity in our home No phones No modern technology My trip back in time Brings joy to me As I look out On this dry November day In twenty and eighteen Looking forward to this Christmas The garden birds busy Eating the red berries on my holly bush I just finished filling A shoe box For the children in our locality To send to a child far away In another country The Christmas gift of giving is alive and well As this winter day passes It is wonderful to stop To remember so many Christmases Through the years With so many happy memories And yes some sad May you Christmas be blessed In so many way May your gifts Be the gift of love And the gift of giving Giving of your time Your listening ear Your kindness and understanding May your table be full But remember those who has less Those who may be lonely A minute of your time Is the most precious gift of all Have a wonderful and safe Christmas I hope Santa is good to you all May twenty and nineteen Be full of simple blessings And joy.

Marian Quinlan Curtin 


© 11/24/2018 

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Many of us enjoyed sitting around the table listening to stories from our grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents and cousins.  Many of those voices are now silent, yet our yearning to connect with the generations before us is still strong.  The Curtin Clan offers the opportunity to connect with stories that help us better understand our history.  

An important benefit of joining the Clan is connecting with Margaret Curtain, our genealogist.  She has collected a wealth of information from buying up thousands of documents for Curtin families worldwide since 1977. She is a founding member of the Clan, and was presented the insignia appointing her as a Companion of the Order of Clans of Ireland (CIOM) by the Irish vice counsel at the Chicago Gathering in June 2011. 


Another benefit is connecting with our DNA project coordinator, Dan Curtin. We have a number of Curtins who have participated and this will help expand your genealogy research.  We have quarterly newsletters and will have our next gathering in Williamsburg, Virginia in Spring 2019


 (Health to the men and may the women live forever!)

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