Latest poem from Marian

Blackberry picking
Early morning
In early September
Swallows flying
Getting ready for
Their long distance flight
To a land far away
From my island of beauty
Waiting drooping
On the side of the hedge rows
An old Irish saying
Don’t pick them
In late September
The saying goes
That the devil peed on them
Old sayings
And believes
Going back hundred of years
Traditions and sayings
Carried by the wind
Through our folklore
Walking feeling
The warmth of the day
A beautiful sunny day
The joy of this moment
Evidence in the lush green land
And a bog of wild heathers
Tractors sounds
As the farmers cut the last of this years hay
For fodder for the cows in the winter to come
The world
Is in the mist of a pandemic
Called Covid -19
It reminds us of the Spanish flu
Of 1918 to 1920
Just over two years
And sadly millions died
We are walking a path
Of uncertainty
An unseen virus
Crossing the world
Killing people who are loved
Leaving families
With a vacant place in their hearts
I decided to sit
And draw a picture
Of my day
But instead
I wrote my thoughts on paper
In this moment
Of this early morning
I open my backpack
And take out
My bread and jam
Black currant jam
And yes a big mug of coffee
Just the way I like it
Made with cows milk
As I sat
Our dogs Louie and lily
Ran up and down the old bog lane
I remembered
As a young girl
My father
With the donkey and cart
Bringing home the turf
For the Stanley range in our kitchen
A wonderful memory
Ending my thoughts with
Just telling you all
Stay safe
And be happy
For it is in the moment
Of now
Where you will find happiness
Now I must return
To blackberry picking
Marian Quinlan Curtin ©
September 2020

Sara Curtin sings the Irish Blessing "May The Road Rise To Meet You" - From The Family Wall - beautiful

YouTube Video


A Timely Poem from Marian Curtin

I love you
On this day
When you may be alone
Lost in your own thoughts
Afraid of the moment
The moment
We all fear
Spreading across
The world unseen
We cannot see it
Only its effect
On our fragile world
In its many cultures
To battle it
Our medical workers
In all roles
From the cleaners, carers
To the highest doctors
In all the lands
It has hit like dust
Across the world
Our role is simple be safe
In our love and kindness
Our sadness and sorrow
Our ability
To stand together
Even though
We are told to be apart
Go do something else
To freshen the soul
You know in our time of high anxiety
The mind is full of worry
But the soul needs nourishment
And quite time
This is where love is most powerful
By being safe
We are in a storm
How long the storm
Will last
Is in our hands
By doing
What is asked of us
We will reach calm waters
Sending our love
Across the world
We are strong
We will carry through the storm
With our hearts as one
All over the world
Marian Quinlan Curtin©
Templetuohy Thurles Co Tipperary

Mark Your Calendars

12th Biennial Curtin Clan Gathering
Delayed to October 8-11 2021

Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland

Planning is well underway for the next Curtin Clan Gathering which will take place in Ireland. We are excited that Killarney in County Kerry, in the very beautiful and spectacular Southwest of Ireland, has been selected as the location. The Killarney Plaza Hotel, in the heart of the town, has been selected as the venue. Further details on how to book, accompanied by an outline itinerary, will be available in the next Curtin Clan Newsletter and on this website.
                  Seeing Killarney in a Jaunting Car
Things to Do
In Killarney, there are many things to do and places to visit. The www.killarney.ie website gives an excellent overview of Killarney. The following are some of the key attractions.
Killarney National Park
Killarney National Park was the first national park in Ireland. It is just under 103km2 of lakes, forest, and mountains. It is also home to the only red deer herd in Ireland. Many of the main attractions and things to do in Killarney are located within Killarney National Park which is right beside the town. See www.killarneynationalpark.ie for further details.
Muckross House
Built in 1843, Muckross House was owned by a couple of different families before it was gifted to the Irish nation. Today, the beautiful mansion still elegantly furnished, and its gardens, are open to guests to explore. When visiting Muckross House you may also want to include a visit to the Traditional Farms where you can see and experience what Irish farming life was like in the 1930s and 1940s. See www.muckross-house.ie for further details.
Ross Castle
Ross Castle, a 15th century castle, which sits on the edge of Lough Leane in Killarney National Park and often surrounded by white swans, is a lovely place to visit.
Muckross Abbey
Muckross Abbey, an Old Irish Monastery, is only about a five-minute walk from Muckross House. The first monastery was believed to have been built in the 6th century by Saint Fionán. Today, visitors can explore the ruins of a 15th century Franciscan Friary which was abandoned in the 1650s when the monks were reported to have been driven out by Cromwell’s forces.
Lakes of Killarney
There are three lakes of Killarney; Lough Leane, Muckross Lake (Middle Lake), and Upper Lake. There are walking and hiking trails around the lakes as well as boat tours. One of the most beautiful viewing points for these lakes is called Ladies View which was named after Queen Victoria’s ladies in waiting. This viewpoint is part of the famous Ring of Kerry route, along the N71.
Innisfallen Island
Located in Lough Leane, Innisfallen Island is home to the ruins of Innisfallen Abbey, one of the most important archaeological sites in Ireland. The Annals of Ireland, which tell the early history of Ireland, were written by the monks here.
Torc Waterfall
Torc Waterfall is about 18m high and is a picturesque waterfall about 7km from town. It is a must-stop on your Ring of Kerry tour. It’s best observed when it is raining when the water flow is more powerful.
St. Mary’s Cathedral
A beautiful Roman Catholic Cathedral in Killarney Town. Be sure to go inside and look at the stained glass windows.
Ring of Kerry
The Ring of Kerry is probably the best-known driving route in all of Ireland and is a beautiful day trip.
How to Get There
Air - The closest international access to Killarney is via Kerry Airport which is located only 15 minutes’ drive from Killarney town which provides Killarney with direct daily access to the UK and Germany with developing routes to Portugal, France and other EU and UK destinations. It provides multiple daily commuter connections to Dublin International Airport and onwards to the wider world. Cork Airport is approximately 75 minutes’ drive from Killarney and provides a range of UK and EU connections. Shannon is approximately 110 minutes’ drive from Killarney and, in addition to UK and EU connections, it offers direct flights to the USA. Dublin Airport provides significant international access to Killarney via Kerry Airport and also through its connections with Cork and Shannon Airports. Of course Dublin Airport also links to Killarney by road taking approximately 4 hours, and by rail from Dublin City direct to Killarney in approximately 3 hours.
Rail - Killarney is directly linked by railway to Cork and Dublin and currently has about 8 daily services serving both cities from its rail station. Through its line via Mallow and Limerick Junction it also connects to other cities and counties including Limerick City. Full Train schedule Information available from the Irish Rail website.
Bus - Ireland’s national bus service, Bus Eireann, links many parts of Ireland on a scheduled multi-time per day basis. A new service connection to Dublin, Dublin Coach, operates regular daily routes from and to Killarney and Dublin via Limerick.

ome to the
 Curtin Clan! 
Many of us enjoyed sitting around the table listening to stories from our grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents and cousins.  Many of those voices are now silent, yet our yearning to connect with the generations before us is still strong.  The Curtin Clan offers the opportunity to connect with stories that help us better understand our history.  

An important benefit of joining the Clan is connecting with Margaret Curtain, our genealogist.  She has collected a wealth of information from buying up thousands of documents for Curtin families worldwide since 1977. She is a founding member of the Clan, and was presented the insignia appointing her as a Companion of the Order of Clans of Ireland (CIOM) by the Irish vice counsel at the Chicago Gathering in June 2011. 


Another benefit is connecting with our DNA project coordinator, Dan Curtin. We have a number of Curtins who have participated and this will help expand your genealogy research.  We have quarterly newsletters and will have our next gathering in Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland in April 2021.

(Health to the men and may the women live forever!)

Patrick J. Curtin
   Clan Chief

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Curtins in the News
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Use the contact us tab or email curtinclan@gmail.com.

Terry Curtin has joined Solstice Studios as executive vp of communications. (9/24/2020)

Father Martin Curtin
is the new pastor at Saint Pius X in Middletown, Connecticut. (9/14/2020)

Willie Curtin
. the principal of 
Killoughteen National School, just outside Newcastle West, has worked all summer getting the school ready to open. (9/8/2020)

Matt Curtin
, an investment banker and a Curtin Clan member has been appointed to the Yardley Borough, Pennsylvania Council. (9/2/2020)

Bill Curtin is joining as the managing director of geospatial solutions company TerraSond. (9/2/2020)

Marie Curtin
Treaty United captain and former Republic of Ireland international soccer player speaks about her experiences in Norway. (8/23//2020) 

Katie Curtin's poem Pandemic Blues set to music. View on Youtube. (8/23/2020.

John-Robert Curtin's new book is a 
collection of poetry that centers on his reflections of the concepts surrounding civility. (8/17/2020)

Matthew K. Curtin names as one of the top 20 under 40 in Hartford, CT. (8/10/20202)

Suzanne Curtin
 was appointed dean of the faculty of graduate studies at Brock University, (8/5/2020)

Therese Curtin is the executive director of Connecting for Children and Families Inc., (8/5/2920)

Marie Curtin is wrapping up her career as an Irish footballer. (7/28/2020

Worcester, MA poet, Curt Curtin, donated his extensive collection of Mark Twain material to Elmira College. (7/12/2020)

Rachel Curtin has been appointed Chautauqua Lake Central School’s (Mayville, New York) secondary school principal. (7/12/2020)

The Boston Irish Cultural Centre names Martina Curtin its first woman president. (7/2/2020)

Kay Curtin is a Stage 4 melanoma patient and patient advocate from Tipperary. (7/2/2020)

Deborah Curtin two new books (fiction) explore finding inspiration in life. 6/29/2020

PJ Hegarty & Sons, Ireland, has announced the appointment of John Curtin to the Board in the role of Commercial Director

The Community Broadcasting Foundation (CBF) has appointed Jo Curtin as its new Chief Executive Officer. (6/24/2020)

The Lubbock, Texas Boys & Girls Clubs this week announced 17-year-old Cami Curtin is the organization’s 2019-2020 youth of the year. (5/28/2020)

Tansy Curtin is starting a role at the Art Gallery of South Australia (AGSA) as Curator, International Art pre-1980 in her hometown of Adelaide. (5/25/2020)

Paul Curtin
, from Castlemagner in North Cork, used the life-saving 'back-blow' technique to save the child's life. (5/14/2020)

Dave Curtin, Dean at Bremen High School, Indiana has pledged to run 138 miles across the Southland in support of the scholarship in his mother's name. (5/12/2020).

Tommy Curtin recalls past glories of St Flannan’s in Corn ui Mhuiri, County Clare. (5/8/2020)

Here's a video of the celebration of Dean Terry Curtin in January, 2020. Terry was being honored by Transition Life Care for his service in World War II. (5/6/2020)

Nancy Curtin
is Alvarium Investments’ group chief investment officer, partner and head of investment advisory. (5/4/2020)

Sara Curtin of the music duo the "Sweater Set" tells how she would spend a day in Washington, DC. (4/27/2020)

John Curtin
, horse trainer, of New Zealand is recovering from coronavirus. (4/22/2020)

Coronavirus is changing Jim Curtin as Philadelphia Union soccer coach, a father, and a film critic. (4/22/2020)

Music licensing marketplace Songtradr has appointed Dave Curtin to the position of vice president of U.S. partnerships. (4/22/2020)

Chris Curtin, chef and owner of world renown Eclat Chocolate in PA, is poised to restart pick-up orders later this week. (4/20/2020)

Sean Curtin has released his 16th "Stroll Down Memory Lane" - historical photos from County Limerick. (4/20/2020)

Beth Curtin
is making and selling children's protection masks on Etsy in Minnesota. (4/14/2020)

10 Things You Didn’t Know about actress Catherine Curtin.

A video,taken by local award-winning filmmaker Linda Curtin, gives a brilliant insight into the most unique creation to come from the covid-19 restrictions on a Cork Street. (4/11/2020).

Len Curtin
 superintendent at Bethpage, Long Island famed Black golf course.  (4/6/2020)

This week 30 years ago: ‘Love at first sight’ for Hackney, England police typist Elizabeth Curtin and soldier Kevin Dark (4/5/2020)

Kyle Curtin, the second American man to the finish line  at last year’s Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc is training in Colorado. (4/2/2020)

The Cúirt New Writing Prize for Poetry has been awarded to Jerm Curtin 
from Boherbue, Co Cork for the work Lola Wakes. (3/26/2020)

Another article about 
Tomás Mac Curtain who embraced Gaelic revival and believed it would come to pass. (3/24/2020)

John Curtin of New Zealand is recovering from the corona virus that he got at New Jersey race track. (321/2020)

Port Washington, NY announces the Nancy Curtin internship. (3/19/2020)

Historian writes a tribute to 
Tomás Mac Curtain, the martyred Lord Mayor of Cork in 1820. (3/16/2020)

John Curtin
, founder ,of Harnesslink and JC International Bloodstock in Auckland, New Zealand, had tested positive for coronavirus on return from United States. He says he is already back to feeling 100 per cent. (3/16/2020)

West Hartford, Connecticut Town Council will construct an outdoor classroom at Westmoor Park to honor the memory of Brigid Curtin. (3/11/2020)

Pianist David Curtin is a member of t
he Easterly Chamber Players that will present a recital in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. (3/2/2020)

Kim Ann Curtin
, founder and CEO of The Wall Street Coach, recently opened a 200-square-foot office in Parker Square in Waimea, Hawaii. (2/23/2020)

At the helm of Coughlan’s ibar s Edel Curtin who has been a key component in the venue’s growth to becoming a fulcrum of Cork’s music scene. (2/23/2020)

O’Flynn Exhams
 (OFX) has announced the appointment of Judith Curtin  as partner in the firm’s Cork headquarters. (2/14/2020)

Jennifer Curtin
is the new owner of  Inspirations Ceramic and Art Café lin Wenatchee, Washington. (2/6/2020).

John Curtin
is the 
Executive Director of Flood and Coastal Risk Management for the united Kingdom. (1/31/2020)

Augmented Reality technology company, Blippar, has today named Keith Curtin as its Chief Commercial Officer for the US.(1/29/2020)

Anna Curtin
is hired as head of development at Sony's Electric Ray. (1/9/2020)

Brian Curtin
, former athletic director at St. Joseph's College, has taken a position with the United States Center for SafeSport in Denver. (1/8/2020)

Deborah Curtin has authored an historical fiction book "Faith on Fire" set in the American Civil War. (1/6/2020)