Four Months and Growing

Whose the cutest puppy dog?

06 June 2006 (6.6.6)

Maggie got her first Rabies' shot yesterday at her favorite vet, Animal Clinic of Anacotia.  We didn't get to see Dr. Candace Ashley, but Crystal gave Mags all her shots and weighed her in at 45 lbs.  She'll be 19 weeks this Thursday!  It was very sad though.  A young woman had two dogs --- a Rottweiler and a German Shepard and she was putting the German Shepard to sleep.  "To sleep."  Hmm, what a euphemism.  Like "passed away" or "gone to the other side." 

16 May 2006

Most adorable dog?  I, of course, think the Mags is hands down the looker.  But to be fair, there are other dogs in the world, including Maggie's siblings, Ellie and Andy.  Pappy, one of Maggie's playmates, seems to think HE is the most adorable dog.  Do we grant Pappy the auspicious title of adorable "DOG" and wait until Mags is older, leaving her the title of cutest puppy?  Or should we just snatch both titles as it really should be?  Besides, Maggie doesn't try to bite off defenseless kitty's heads.  She adores her two brothers, Madison and Pig.  Yes Pig.



13 May 2006

What s'ya Got?

Maddy and me