The kittens below are all from previous litters.

We do keep a waiting list for future litters, please let me know  if interested.

Born mid-Feb. 2011

Proud parents to babies below are Noodles and Shaak Ti (Spot).

(Front to back) Marilyn, Jackie and Calvin

This is Calvin, red mackeral tabby and white. He is now "Loki"

This is George, Black and white boy-He is Alexai now and lives happily with Leigh and Cindy

This is Marilyn, she lives with us! Brown patch mackeral tabby and white.

This is Jackie OH! She was our first born. Black tortie and white . She has the most soulful eyes and loves to be held and pampered! Isn't she cute?!! She lives in Texas now, is known as "Daisy" and has a host of family-human and Devon!

                             Cesealia, Simba and Bella

This is Simba. He came into this world at about two ounces. He is a beautiful soft creamy color and seems to stop and pose for pictures. I had planned to make Simba available to an approved home... Simba, however, has other plans, has decided he likes it here and has shown himself to be an incredible, adorable imp that i cannot part with.

This is Cesealia "Seal"-she is a pretty blue girl. She was the complete opposite of Simba when born, and was over 100 grams! Seal lives in Ohio with Sarah.

This is Sara Bella (Beautiful Princess). Bella scared the fur off of us when she was first born...and wasn't breathing. I adapted NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation Program) to a kitten, and she made it though! After the harrowing experience at birth, Bella will stay with her momma.

I use a contract when kittens are sold, and all adopters are required to sign one. The contracts are basic and in the best interest of the kittens. They allow me to put in writing that you are getting a healthy, adorable kitten and to make sure you understand what I, as a breeder, expect from you.

You may request a copy of the contract before you agree to adopt a kitten from me and I am happy to furnish this for you. Our cattery is small and number of kittens available is very limited. If you are seriously interested in adopting one of our kittens please contact us, and stay in touch. I accept a limited number of deposits from pre-approved potential adopters once I have kittens. Feel free to contact us at any time for more up to date information.

Our kittens are our family. Expect me to ask you a lot of questions, and I am fine with you doing the same. I am interested in our kittens having a good home and fitting in with you and your family. Just like every body is different, every kitten is different. I will be glad to help you choose a kitten that suits your unique family.

Because of the very limited number of kittens available, I prefer to place kittens locally, and would only ship under very unique circumstances. I would allow a kitten to travel in-cabin a short distance with their new mom or dad.

What’s in a contract?

(The kitten commitment)

·        Your Devon will quickly become the center of your world and expects to be treated as such.

·        Kittens do not leave my home until 12-16 weeks of age.

·        Feed your new Devon Rex only high quality cat food. Cats are natural carnivores, so the less grain in your cat food, the better for them.

·        Indoor only!

·        Never declaw - if you need details on why not, am happy to provide.

·        Your Devon will be spayed or neutered. I will not release papers on your Devon until I receive signed notification from your vet that this has been done.

·        Your Devon will be a part of your family just like they have been a part of mine. If for any reason you cannot keep them in your family, we ask that you not take them to a pound, shelter, pet shop, research facility, etc.

It is always our intent to find permanent placement. If the buyer can no longer keep a cat, we will be notified and given first right of taking the cat back (there will be no refund to the owner).

The buyer will take full responsibility for the Kitten upon receipt. It is encouraged that the adopter take the kitten to his or her vet for a full examine within one week (7 days) of receipt.

Did I mention these are our babies? We care about who their new family will be and how they are doing. We encourage you to keep in touch and send pictures!