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Our Cat Family

CH Castilleja’s Ear-Resistable Noodles (of CurlyDolls)

Noodles joined our family late in 2009; He is a Chocolate Mink boy with Aqua eyes. He is just the sweetest boy ever and doesn't have a mean bone in his curly body. My sweet Noodles is now retired, but will never leave our family!

His Dad is GC Castilleja’s Silver Baron (Tabor) and his Mom Castilleja Shadow-of-Nyx. He currently rules our house with an iron paw!

2009-2010~Best Devon Rex Kitten, Gulfshore Region, CFA

2011-2012~Best Devon Rex Champion, Southwest Region, TICA


GP, CH Castilleja’s Blue Bonnet of CurlyDolls

Itty came home with us Easter, 2009. She is a brown patched mackerel tabby (did I add that a Devon can be ANY color?) She is a sweetheart. After several failed tries at motherhood,  Itty has elected to make her future in show business instead of motherhood and she is currently retired from being shown as a Premier.

Her mother is PattnChat's BlaznBlack of Castilleja (A hybrid-she is half Devon and half American Shorthair) and her father is Grand Champion Castilleja's Silver Baron.

2011-2012 10th Best Devon Rex Premier, CFA

Curlydolls Simba Roo~ Cameo McTabby.....
You remember Simba? I did not plan on another boy in the household, but here he is just the same! The middle pic is him in the window after getting his own water. As you can tell, he got a bit wet! Lookit that coat!!
Simba was recently neutered, but will always be a part of our house! He is my very special spoiled baby!

CFA: Grand Champion Curlydolls Deja Roo, Regional Winner
TICA: Regional Winner, Breed Winner, Supreme Grand Champion Curlydolls Deja Roo
Not only has Deja had a grand career, but she did it in BOTH organizations we show in!
Introducing....Grand Champion Curlydolls Deja Roo. She was supposed to be my simba lookalike, but...nope!
We are so very proud of our girl!
Deja Became a grand champion at Devon Heaven in Birmingham, Alabama, January, 2014...and a TICA Grand Supreme Champion at the Yellow Rose Cat Club show in Amarillo, August, 2014.
She is a very pretty little curly girl...her only fault is she likes Dennis better than me!!
Chocolate tortie mink and white
2017-2018 TICA South Central Region BEST Devon Rex Alter 
2017-2018 TICA South Central Region 12th Best Allbreed Alter

2015-2016-CFA' Gulf Shore Regions 24th Best Allbreed Cat
2015-2016- CFA Gulf Shore Region Best Devon Rex Cat
2015-2016 CFA's 12th Best Devon Rex Internationally 
2014-2015 TICA's BEST DEVON REX CAT OF THE YEAR Internationally!!!
2014-2015 TICA South Central Region Best Devon Rex Cat
2014-2015 TICA South Central Regional 10th best Allbreed Cat
2014-2015 CFA Gulf Shore Region Best Devon Rex Champion
2013-2014 CFA Gulf Shore Region Best Devon Rex Champion
2013-2014 TICA's 10th best Devon Rex Adult, Internationally (and 2nd best in the South Central Region)
2012-2013 TICA South Central Region 2nd Best Devon Rex kitten

..and model for the wonderful cat trees made by LeeAnn Loss!

Curlydolls Taming of the Roo
Trey is the son of Deja and Tate
He will take over for awhile as man of the house :)
Trey is Natural (Seal) Smoke mink and white

This is Grand Champion/Supreme Grand Champion Jobara Princssbride of Curlydolls
So many thanks to Jade Kleider and Bobbi Irie of Jobara Devon Rex for this pretty girl. She is a (Black) Silver Mackeral Tabby.

2017-2018: CFA Gulf Shore Regions Best Devon Rex Champion. (Thanks to ME getting sick, she finished at 26th best cat :( )
2017-2018 TICA South Central Region BEST Devon Rex
2017-2018 TICA South Central Region 12th Best Allbreed Cat, 8th best shorthair.
2017-2018 TICA's 2nd Best Devon Rex Internationally, and BEST Devon in the US
2016-2017: CFA Grand Champion
2015-2016: TICA South Central Region, 12th Best Allbreed Cat (7th Best Shorthair Cat)
2015-2016: TICA South Central Region, Best Devon Rex Cat
2015-2016: TICA Supreme Grand Champion

This is Kara
Curlydolls M'eara Mi Cara Dulce (Rough traslation: Look at my sweet face). She is the daughter of Rainingrexes Eyecandy of Curlydolls and CH Curlydolls Great Rexpectations (Tate)
Kara "should" have been a RW as a kitten in TICA, however, due to my stupid back, she missed the show we needed in our region. :(
She is a Blue Silver Mink Mackeral Tabby and white

This is Rainingrexes I Spy Harriet
Harriet is the child of Curlydolls Betsy Who of Rainingrexes and Ripplerex Rastaman of Rainingrexes. She is co-owned between us and  Mary Ann of Rainingrexes
She is a Sable Sepia Mackeral Tabby and white.

The father of most of our children....
Curlydolls Great Rexpectations
Tater is the child of Noodles (Castilleja's Ear-Resistable Noodles) and Lulah (Megarex Talulah Myst of Curlydolls).
He is a  beautiful blue mink . He is such a laidback sweetheart and reminds me so so much of his daddy! 
Tate Recently retired and is living a wonderful life with his new family.

~New home~

This is our homegrown baby...Curlydolls Ear-Resistably Amazing. "Gracie". She is a Sable (seal) Sepia mackeral tabby.

Gracie is the daughter of Tater and Harriet and is already making a splash in the show ring-and in the Denver Post!! :)

Gracie moved to Salt Lake City with her new family.  She is a new momma and has become a Grand Champion last show season.

pics in the paper:


This cutie patootie is Rainingrexes Shaak  Ti of CurlyDolls...

"Ti" to her friends, and "Spot" here in the house. She came to us from Mary Ann Gobat in Seattle...Mary Ann, I cannot thank you enough for this great opportunity, she is simply a pleasure. Truly, i cannot say enough good things about Mary Ann and her kitties.

Spot has now moved on to her very own pet home-right here in our town! She came out of retirement briefly for one last show...and thanks to that one show finished as TICAs 13th best Devon Rex  Adult Internationally 2013-2014 AND 3rd best Devon in the South Central Region

Ti's parents are Anexus Skywalker of Rainingrexes and Rainingrexes Starry Skye. Mary Ann let her grandchildren name the litter...who would have thought when she said YES to naming them after Jedi warriors that all of them would be girls? Shakti is also a much revered Hindu goddess. 

Ti is a tortie and white McTabby. She is a quad grand champion in TICA and is a Champion in CFA.

-2009-2010 TICA's 4th best Devon kitten Internationally.

-2009-2010 3rd Best Devon Kitten, TICA's Northwest Region.

-2010-2011 2nd Best Devon Rex, TICA's Northwest Region.

-2010-2011 16th Best Shorthair Cat, TICA Northwest Region.

-2010-2011 TICA's 4th Best Devon Internationally.

....and then a break for maternity leave~she is SUCH a good momma!!!

2013-2014 TICA 3rd Best Devon Rex, South Central Region


 Curlydolls Marilyn Meownroe! 
Marilyn is retired and living with a family of her own but still has a very special place in our hearts. She was the very first show kitty with our cattery name that we took out to shows.
Her father is Noodles, Mom is Spot. 
2011-2012 Best Devon Rex Kitten, Southwest Region, TICA


Curlydolls Peakavroom. She is the single baby of Marilyn Meownroe, and Simba Roo is her daddy. She is a Smoke Tortie and White. She is your typical singleton. Opinionated. Scared of nothing. Diva.

Vroom has been spayed and is living the dream with her own family now.

2012-2013 TICA South Central Region Best Devon Rex Kitten


This beauty is another sweetie from Mary Ann...this is Grand Champion Rainingrexes Jubilee of Curlydolls. After much deliberation-Chocolate Mink Tortie and White. Maybe.

Jubi is a party waiting to happen-She reaches out for the judges and is a super attention hog!! let's PLAY is her motto!! 

Jubi is also now retired and lives with her special family in Texas.

2013-2014 CFA Gulf Shore Region 2nd Best Devon Rex Champion

2012-2013 CFA Gulf Shore Region 2nd Best Devon Rex Champion

The Rainbow Bridge

Our journey into the world of Devon began with Princess Eris Allegra-Eris was every bit my babygirl and not a day goes by that my heart does not ache for her. Eris was a beautiful Chocolate pointed girl. Sadly, she succumbed to a nasty cancer in March 2009, less than a month after she first became ill. You can read more about her on her MySpace page: www.myspace.com/erisallegra

I miss you my babycat.