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Latest News!

Realize I have done this kind of backwards-so, will post the newest news first to make it easier to read.


In August, we attended the TICA South Central Regional Awards Show. We are so so proud of our Deja!
She is not only TICA's best Devon, she was also a Regional Winner-TENTH BEST CAT!
Dennis and I got gussied up for the banquet and had a really good time!

August, 2014-Curlydolls Deja Roo achieved her TICA Supreme Grand Champion at the show in Amarillo. I am so very proud of this beautiful little girl... She got the BEST cat she needed in the very last ring of the last day, from Judge Adriana Kajon-such a wonderful experience!!

Big stuff!!
We were part of putting on Devon Heaven this year!!
January 25-26, 2014
Birmingham, Alabama
With the help of Cindy Steadham and Darlen Easum...and Birmingham Feline Fanciers

Simba was our mascot and appeared on our ribbons, rosettes...and in person, of course!

Lisa Yeary with "Piehole" and Darlen with Choco-Roo (Simba X Jubilee)...Rooooo got a best Premier there!! WOOHOOO!! (but did NOT NOT NOT want to smile for the camera)

Deja Roo made Grand Champion there!! Here she is in the ring getting the rest of the points she needed! She looked good peeking out from her ribbons

Deja in the ring

Harriet (Rainingrexes I Spy Harriet)  with Dennis. She had a great show too, was 2nd Best DR Kitten in show!

(Back row, l to r)Cheryl Gray, Linda Peterson, Jen Viveiros, Lisa Yeary, Me, Dennis, Kristin Nowell

(Front Row) Glenn Vivieros, Elaine Adkins, Kathy Rutledge, Darlen Easum (with Choco-Roo!), Cindy Steadham and Carolyn Jiminez

Here Dennis and I (and Simba) are accepting Deja's rosette for 2nd Best DR Champion in show from Carolyn, our VP of the DRBC.

We survived! Devon Heaven in the record books and we still look pretty darned good!

August, 2013
Seems this year has flown by. Unfortunately, have spent most of my last year dealing with pain and surgery and then coming back to work after that.

We attended the TICA Annual in Bellvue, Washington (Near Seattle) at the end of August/first part of Sept. It was an amazing show-over 400 cats!
There was quite the collection of Devon Rex breeders there, though not all showing cats.
Mary Ann Gobat of Rainingrexes got three finals with her cats! (She also showed Noodles daughter in kitten class, Latte)
There was a Canadian Devon breeder there too, but sadly, did not socialize
Peta Watts of KyaPark from Australia
Hisae and Sakura from Japan
Melissa from BatCave in Washington.

We took Deja Roo and Vroom. Deja got two finals!! We were so excited!
Also took Simba, of course..in the purely eye candy division. We did do a talk in the education ring, Simba and I. On Devon Rex lol.
There was a judge standing next to us, sorta leading things, and the rotten boy hissed at him.

...and catching up on the rest of the year...
We have done several shows this year, supporting every show Colorado has had, whether TICA or CFA.
We have been to Cleburne for the CFA show twice this year, met some new friends and saw some old ones. Simba won the costume contest in Cleburne! The theme was Beach Party!  Unfortunately, my plan to show Simba as an alter hasn't really worked out as he has decided he doesn't really like to show-he likes to be the eye candy!! So, we have taken him everywhere we have been, but only as exhibition. It has been up to his children and other friends or relatives to carry the show circuit!

We did have some nice accomplishments this year:
Simba was TICA's best Rex Alter in our region.
 Peakavroom Best Devon rex kitten in our region.
Deja Roo second best Devon rex kitten in our region,
and Spot third best Devon Rex adult in our region (and second best brown torbie and white internationally).
Leia, (pictured on our kittens page as Charlie) was handled magnificently by Cindy and was 16th best shorthair cat in TICA in her region (and best devon rex cat), and third best devon rex kitten in CFA...AND achieved her Grand Champion in CFA and her Supreme in TICA!

Simba and me at the Cleburne show. Best costume!

How Simba spends his time at the shows now...yup he complains there too! lol

Leia's TICA RW rosette

Above, our TICA haul for the region

Our friends Kyle and Bev have been taking their cats out to
show too! Here is Bev with Lacey and Dennis with Deja Roo
(This is how Bev chose to spend her birthday-isn't that cool?!)

And here is Kyle (Bev's hubby) and Bev with one of their first rosettes!

Kyle with Daisy(previously known as Jackie OH!)...she is doing great too!

Christy with her Devon, Vitas (Elvendom Pretty Fly for a White Guy). They had a great show too!

Ok, realizing it has been over a year since i updated this page, i REALLY feel like a slacker! Due to medical issues (with us, not the cats) recently, we have not attended a show in months.
We did attend our clubs show in Sept 2012, where Jubilee had a wonderful show! She is now less than fifty points from being a Grand Champion! Simba was a hissy boy, but still got one breed win and one final. By the end of the show, we realized he would not be able to attend another show as an intact male. Since Simba is my spoiled baby, he has now been neutered, and he will attend his first shows as an Premier (Alter in TICA) in 2013. Before he was neutered, he did father two litters of kittens, a single baby with Marilyn and a litter of FIVE with Jubilee!

The December issue of Cat Fancy we found out our pic of Jubilee WON first place in their Holiday Kitty Contest!!! We think Jubi is a beautiful girl and we were thrilled that they did too!!

We also attended our very first Devon Heaven in August, 2012. It was ALOT of fun. We greatly enjoyed the costume contest, where Simba was the cowardly lion, Jubilee the Wicked Witch, and Itty..the house that fell on the witch!

August 2011-We had planned on attending the Houston show, but due to circumstances at work, we were not able to. Instead, we went to Omaha. Yup, Nebraska. Was a nice show, small, but met alot of great people. There were a total of SEVEN Devons there!!

Here is Itty (castilleja's Blue Bonnet) with Mary Auth, one of the judges there. Itty got one top ten Premier.

Here is Marilyn (Curlydolls Marilyn Meownroe) with one of her rosettes. She did super!! She got called back in FOUR of the six rings!! YEA!
We went to the show in Phoenix in July-yup...Phoenix in July...cannot hardly say it without breaking into a sweat! There were FIVE Devon show-ers there!!! I got the pleasure of meeting several breeders I had only talked to previously-Robin Robertson of Devinedevons and Debbie VanPatton of Pattnchat!

Also, our friend Sheryl attended. It was a great show! Marilyn got called back in two rings.

Here is Marilyn in Wain Hardings ring.

Our friend Sheryl and her Delilah got their first callback! With Brian Pearson.

We attended our first TICA show on 06/18/2011 in Estes Park, Colorado. Marilyn knocked their socks off, and Noodles got a couple of finals too.
Unfortunately, my fuel pump went out and we were a bit stranded. I am so grateful to the folks who helped us out-
June and Butch at the Kokopelli Inn http://www.kokopelliinn.net
They went above and beyond and we would not have even made it to the show if not for them. In addition, their B and B is phenomenal-if you need a place to stay in Estes Park, look them up!
Dian Darr http://www.pikespeakocis.com was a tremendous help and i cannot say thank you enough.
Bill at CTM- the unbelievable mechanic who came in on Father's Day to put in our fuel pump so we could get home!
And the Rodeway Inn in Estes (which had very iffy reviews on trip advisor but turned out to be a pleasant surprise) http://www.estesrodewayinn.com for letting us stay late and not turning us out onto the road (in the rain!)!!


June, 2010-Attended the Gulf Shore Regional Awards show with Noodles (And Donna's Leah and Banquo in tow). Noodles received a beautiful Rosette for Best Devon Rex kitten in our region!


Itty lost her one baby about a week before due. Ms Itty and I had an agreement....that after that try she could return to the world of show business....so she will now go back to primping for the next show.

April 2011-Attended the Foot of the Rockies Cat Club show in Denver. Poor Noodles didn't get anything, but Ittybean got called back twice! She got a Best Allbreed Premier and a Second Best Allbreed Premier! She is more than halfway to her Grand Premier! (Too bad there is not another show in Colorado until Sept!!!

The babies are all growing and are cute as a button! Despite the many challenges, I am so blessed to have these little cuties and I cannot thank those responsible enough.