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Devons, Allergies and You

What about people with allergies?

Do Devons shed?

Yup, absolutely. Anything that has hair will shed, but… not even close to what you might get from a “regular” cat.  Their unique coat definitely makes for less obtrusive hair.

Devons are naturally born without one of the layers of hair of your average housecat. It is what contributes to the curl…and just might make a liveable situation for allergy sufferers.

I have allergies, can I have a Devon?

The answer is…maybe. Devons are highly touted as being hypoallergenic, and I can personally vouch for it.

After being tested for 122 different things at the allergist’s office, I tested positive for 121-including huge reactions to both dogs AND cats. Yet, for me, Devons are an acceptable alternative(and, by the way, Cornish were NOT). Everyone is different and if you suffer from allergies to cats, please spend significant amounts of time around the Devons BEFORE you take one home with you to make sure you can live with one.

What can be done to make things better?

My cats all get regular baths-something they have grown up with and tolerate with only mild death threats to me. This has proven to be the single most important thing-for me- in living with cats. We also make sure to vacuum, dust and sweep/mop regularly. I stay on maintenance allergy medications as well-it’s a choice I make because I love my babies. For some people HEPA filters make the difference. Everybody is different. One person’s solution may not help the next.

Can I do a visit and see if I react?

Absolutely. My home houses only Devons, and you are welcome to visit before taking your kitten. I can also try to arrange a visit that may be closer to your home. Please contact me if you have allergies and are considering a Devon, I am happy to speak with you about it and answer any questions I can.