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About Us

About Dolly: I am a RN, clinical informatics (nurse computer geek) at our local hospital.

 A lifelong lover of cats, the Devon Rex allowed me the opportunity to actually have a kitty of my own (Read my page about allergies for more info). Pic is of Noodles and me...our first rosette!

About Dennis:  A former truck driver and landscaper, Dennis has always been an animal person. Dennis had a stroke in Sept of 08, and is now disabled and a stay-at-home kitty dad. Dennis has two daughters and a granddaughter who live in New Mexico-and believe it or not, all of our children’s names begin with the letter “D”.


Where we are: Dolly was raised in South Texas and couldn’t wait to move to the mountains! It took many years to accomplish this, but we finally did. We happily live in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, near Salida.


Our showing background: We began showing Easter, 2009 and currently attend every show we possibly can.We show in both CFA and in TICA, and have had Regional Wins in both. We have also had the best Devon Rex in the WORLD in TICA twice, and this year accomplished being third best Devon Rex in CFA in regions 1-9 (this includes the US and several other countries)


Breeding Background: Ms Blue Bonnet was our first attempt at breeding. Our CurlyDolls name is registered with CFA as of 2010, and with TICA as of 2011. We are members of the Devon Rex Breed Club and Foot of the Rockies Cat Club. Dolly is a member of the CFA Devon Rex Breed Council, a Director at Large in both the Foot of the Rockies Cat Club and the Rescue Coordinator for the Devon Rex Breed Club.


Our kitties: Have free run of our over 2,000 sf house-they are raised uncaged and underfoot, except when there are reasons they must be separated (like during breeding times or kittenings). We only have our very spoiled, loveable Devon Rex.


Kittens: we basically breed to support our habit, and occasionally have kittens that must go to approved pet homes. Please see our Available Kittens page for more information. We are a very small cattery with limited kitten availability, so if you are interested, get on the waiting list early! Kittens are welcome to fly in-cabin with you, but I do not ship.

This was my virtual mentor, Pam Dowling of Madcaps in New Zealand. I had the pleasure of meeting Pam on my trip to NZ in March of 2010. Sadly, she passed away from a nasty cancer in 2016.

Pam with Bella, one of her curlies-

And a kitty named after me! Dolly the Devon

I am also blessed to consider as close friends Jade and Bobbi of Jobara, Jen of Megarex, Meghan Evans of PuRex , Wendy Garcia of Hostahaven and Mary Ann Gobat of Rainingrexes.