I am dedicating my time to creating an independent business out of my special training and the aspects of hair that I love most. I am in a salon in the Southeast by appointment only. We can find a time that will best suit your needs and for someone who may need the extra time and attention to detail it takes to make beautiful, manageable hair, this will be ideal. I have been cultivating my skills in the hair industry for over 8 years, and I am very confident in my abilities to tackle mostly anything. I charge on a sliding scale of $55-$125. This includes your haircut and a lesson on how to best care for your hair. As far as pricing goes, I like the sliding scale because I feel like some have more to give than others, and I feel like everyone deserves to have great hair! I relocated here from the East Coast in 2012 and I have found there to be a large need to be filled here in Portland, and I intend to help with that one head at a time. My thoughtful eye, and non aggressive cutting techniques will make you a believer. I also offer a wide menu of services from coloring, foils, blowouts, updos, smoothing services, or just lessons on how better to care for your hair. Feel free to contact me personally and we can talk further pricing and from there, set up a coffee date to talk or email back and forth until you feel comfortable with me creating your best look. I look forward to the possibilities!!

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The Deva 3 step

Cleanse – No poo conditioning cleanser : Detergents found in most shampoos produce lather but dries your curls. Cleanse your curls gently with DevaCurl cleansers which are sulfate, paraben and silicone free. Formulated with a rich blend of botanical ingredients, DevaCurl cleansers provide maximum moisturization.  

Hydrate – One Condition : contains healthy ingredients that won’t weigh hair down. It is formulated to get your curls back to their most perfect patterns, Most curl types will benefit from a small amount of DevaCurl One Condition left in after rinsing.  Curly girls with a high frizz factor and thick curls can skip the rinse and just squeeze out the excess water.  Curls will naturally absorb the conditioner it needs, and release what it does not.

Define – Light and ultra defining gel :  this gel is alcohol free, and moisturizing. It is created to form a crystal cast around all of the moisture that gets put into your hair during this process, and lock it in allowing your curls to be the healthiest they can be. It's great because as soon as it dries you can then break the cast and have soft bouncy hair with out the frizz lack of definition. 

Small 12oz bottles $16

Liters 32oz bottles $32

Microfiber towel $5

* all of these products are water soluble and slip right out of the hair next time you go through the process.

** there are several other products in the DevaCurl line and after a consultation or 30 days of using the system we can reevaluate and pick some pairing products. (also blowdryers diffusers and deva curl clips)

*** I have access to the Beauty Supply places and can get my hands on most Professional product lines if you have a preference or know something already works best for you, don’t hesitate to ask if I can find it, it can be at a cheaper price point.