Professional experience in all aspects of hair, specializing in curls and texture in Portland, Oregon.

I genuinely try to create a space for true progression with my clientele. I create an open level of trust to perfect the best daily routine while getting to design a personal look for them and their lifestyle. Their trust in my judgment is evident through consistently happy clients, who take my product recommendations and are able to find themselves with new heads of hair. Over the past twelve years I have worked diligently to create a reputation as a skilled stylist and colorist, not only for my expert techniques but also for my relaxed, in-depth consultation. Open communication is always the first step in that journey. It allows me to find out and build upon what is important to each client individually, leaving them free to have low maintenance hair to rave about. I love the transformation process, it rewards me on so many levels. My diverse clients have opened my eyes and motivated me to further develop my talent and mold me into being better at my craft. Helping people fall in love with their hair & curls on a daily basis has transformed me as a hairstylist, in addition to helping me embrace and become passionate for my own daily curly lifestyle!

Courtney Gomia