Inverness Trophy

Winners 1982 -1993 of
The Inverness Trophy for
The Annual Bonspiel

                                                                                    This competition was instigated in 1982
                                                            through the inspiration and dogged determination of the late Ian Cairns
                                                                             and he presented the original Inverness Trophy.

Following the untimely death of Ian Cairns in 1993,
his widow Yvonne presented the Club with the magnificent new
Ian Cairns Trophy.

1st1982Bill Dougan (Skip)
Simon Cameron
Sandy Blackley
Nan MacMillan
2nd1983Terry McDonagh (Skip)
Harry Scott
Steven Low
Andy Ross
3rd1984Danny MacLennan (Skip)
Donald Morrison
Margaret Sturrock
Jennifer Brown
4th1985Bill Dougan (Skip)
Gray Kerr
Essie MacKenzie
Nan MacMillan
5th1986Danny MacLennan (Skip)
Alice Dickie
Hamish Lorrain-Smith
Ian Broadfoot
6th1987Bob Low (Skip)
Donald Norval
Alan Maxwell
Jennifer Brown
7th1988Ray Scott (Skip)
Alec Barnet
Alex McIver
Alan Maxwell
8th1989Jim Robb (Skip)
Margaret Hastie
Ian Smith
Gary MacKay
9th1990Ian Cairns (Skip)
Bill Millar
Lilla Nixon
Alan Cruden
10th1991Alasdair MacKay (Skip)
Helen MacLeod
David Sturrock
Aileen Norval
11th1992John Barbour (Skip)
Helen Pope
David Anderson
Sandra Ritchie
12th1993Jim Miller (Skip)
Helen Pope
David Anderson
Lesley Broadfoot