Ian Cairns Trophy

The Ian Cairns Trophy, to be played for at The Annual Bonspiel,
was presented, following Ian Cairns untimely death in 1993,
by Ian’s widow Yvonne Cairns.
13th 1994 Ormond Smith (Skip)
Stuart MacDonald
Ian Hay
Kate Stirling
14th 1995 Campbell MacLachlan (Skip)
Ted Gregory
Joan Maxwell
Lynette MacLennan
15th 1996 Alex Barnet (Skip)
Raymond MacMillan
Maureen Ritchie
Ralph Pope
16th 1997 John Barbour (Skip)
Bobby Jack
Niall Gordon
Fiona Begg
17th 1998 Marion Ruscoe (Skip)
Angus Christie
Gordon Eddie
Gordon Fleetwood
18th 1999 Helen Macleod (Skip)
Mike McInnes
Joan MacDonald
Ralph Pope
19th 2000 Keith Petrie (Skip)
Harry Blair
Gill Silver
Eleanor Lamont
20th 2001 George Sim (Skip)
David Wright
Joan Maxwell
Donald MacLennan
21st 2002 George Sim (Skip)
Andrew Craigie
Avril Cockburn
Iso Meldrum
22nd 2003 Neil Gallacher (Skip)
Linda MacDonald
Jack Barrie
Eric Bisset
23rd 2004 Jimmy Simpson (Skip)
Shirley Campbell
Ian MacPhail
Margaret Pottie
24th 2005 John Barbour (Skip)
Mabs Murray
Joan Murray
Ally Fraser
25th 2006 John Barbour (Skip)
Mike Hulse
Sandy Murray
Shirley Campbell
26th 2007 Ian Hay (Skip)
Mike Tough
Shona Fraser
Joan MacPherson
27th 2008 Joan Maxwell (Skip)
John Anderson
Catriona Ritchie
Calum Greenwood
28th 2009 Douglas Maxwell (Skip)
Lynne Fraser
Gill Silver
Michael Fraser
29th2010Andy Wood (Skip)
Norman Anderson
Lynette MacLennan
Moira Clark
30th2011Ian Mackay (Skip)
Eric Peters
George Pirie
Nan Greaves
 31st 2012 Bob Pottie (Skip)
   Callum Greenwood
   Anne Jackson
   Marge Sieczkarek
 32nd 2013 Andy Wood (Skip)
   Ian Thorburn
   Faye McInnes
   Ian Kinghorn
 33rd 2014 Mike McInnes (Skip)
   David Wright
   Rhys Smith
   Nan Paxton
 34th 2015 Alan Maxwell (Skip)
   Douglas Maxwell
   Katie Millar
 Joan Maxwell
 35th 2016 Richard MacKenzie (Skip)
 Liz Walsh
 Mike Tough
   Sally Phillips
 36th 2017 Neil Pottie (Skip)
   Gordon Fleetwood
   Liam MacLeod
   Davy Laing