Constitution and Rules


The Club shall be called INVERNESS CURLING CLUB.


The object of the Club shall be to provide facilities for the playing of the game of curling.


(a) The Club shall be limited to such numbers of regular, honorary, associate, junior or non-playing members as the Management Committee shall consider desirable.

(b) An Associate Member must be a full member of another RCCC member Club.

(c) A Junior Member is defined as a person under the age of 21 years at 30th June prior to start of the current season.

(d) The election of members shall be in the hands of the Management Committee who shall also have the powers to confer honorary membership of the Club to any person or persons, and also to nominate an Honorary President and / or Vice President. Honorary members are appointed for life unless membership is rescinded by the Management Committee.

(e) All paid up members of the Club, with the exception of Associate Members, will be entitled to vote at any General Meeting of the Club.

(f) Any member wishing to resign membership of the Club must do so in writing to the Secretary, giving at least seven days notice of their intention to do so. Such notice must be given prior to the Annual General Meeting and any retiring member not giving due notice will be liable for payment of the annual subscription for the ensuing year.

(g) When at least five members shall have signed a requisition to the Management Committee desiring the expulsion of a member on the plea that he / she has behaved in an unseemly manner or made himself / herself disagreeable or offensive, the Management Committee, if they consider the grounds valid, shall call upon such member to resign and failing his / her resignation they shall call a General Meeting of the Club in accordance with paragraph 7a of this Constitution. Expulsion shall only be carried out by a majority of two-thirds of those persons at the Meeting who are qualified to vote, and do so.


(a) The Office Bearers shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Match Secretary. Each of the offices of President and Vice President can only be held for a maximum period of two years by any one person, but such persons may be eligible for nomination to either position after a break of one year. The position of Secretary and / or Treasurer and / or Match Secretary may be held by one person at the discretion of the members. All Office Bearers will be elected annually by the members at the Annual General Meeting.

(b) The business and conduct of the Club shall be vested in the Management Committee, which shall consist of the Office Bearers ex officiis and four other members of the Club elected annually by the members at the Annual General Meeting of the Club. In addition, the immediate Past President shall automatically be a member of the Management Committee. Four members of the Management Committee shall be a quorum. Casual vacancies may be filled up by the Management Committee.

(c) The President will act as Chairman at all meetings of the Club or Management Committee. In his absence, the position of Chairman will be held by the Vice President or in his absence, any other person appointed by the Management Committee. The Chairman of any meeting of the Club, Management Committee or Sub Committee shall have a casting vote.

(d) The property of the Club shall be vested in the Office Bearers as trustees ex officiis.


(a) Members on election shall pay such entrance fees as shall be fixed from time to time by the Annual General Meeting.

(b) The Annual Subscriptions payable by members shall be fixed by the Annual General Meeting and are to be paid not later than 1st September following the Annual General Meeting.

(c) No member whose subscription is in arrears shall play in competitions or take part in any of the proceedings of the Club until such time as the subscription has been paid.


(a) The financial year of the Club shall be from 1st March to 28th February and all financial books shall be made up annually in accordance with these dates. The Accounts of the Club shall be examined and certified by two competent individuals and the certified Accounts of the Club shall be circulated with the notice convening the Annual General Meeting.


(a) The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held in March or April each year. Extraordinary General Meetings may be held from time to time as the Management Committee determine or on a requisition in writing by any five members of the Club, stating the purpose for which they desire a meeting to be called. Meetings must be intimated to members by notice of at least fourteen clear days. Eight members shall form a quorum at all General Meetings of the Club.

(b) Skips shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Club. The Management Committee shall have the power to fill casual vacancies. The Management Committee shall also have power to elect temporary skips for special matches.


(a) All games will be governed by the Rules and Regulations of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club.


(a) A copy of the Constitution will be forwarded by the Secretary to each member.

(b) No alteration to this Constitution shall be made except at the Annual General Meeting or at a Meeting to be specially called for that purpose, and with the sanction of two-thirds of the Members present.

(c) Notice of any intended amendment to the Constitution shall be made to the Secretary, not later than 1st February each year. Copies of any proposed amendment to the Constitution will be circulated to the members in accordance with Rule 7a calling the Annual General Meeting.

(d) All complaints must be made in writing to the Secretary who shall submit these to the next meeting of the Management Committee.