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Fat Burning The Truth

Most people want to burn fat, this is a fact of life of which I am part of too, however my need to burn fat at the moment is no longer a great need as I lost a great deal of fat recently in a very successful way and I know for a fact you too can loose fat the same way I did or using certain parts of my method of loosing fat.

Let's get the truth out first, I tried a lot of tablets to loose weight, most gave me constipation and some others flatulence, but all of them did not made me loose weight at all. That had been a test I did to see if there was any magical way of loosing fat with little or no effort.

Also I got a bicycle and went to work every day for over five and a half years and the commute to work was 20 minutes, would do 20 minutes there and 20 minutes back, for the first couple of weeks I found it strenuous and did start to loose a little weight but then this commute became easy and my weight returned to normal, which indicated that exercise is good but you must exert yourself in order to work (by exert I mean get your heart pumping and your breading fast) but you must not over do it, with any exercise if you feel pain you should stop if you feel faint or dizzy you should stop.

Ok eneugh talk, let's get down to it.... The process I used to loose fat was first I detoxed and there are many ways of doing this, which i'll cover further on, then I changed my diet (I don't mean by this that I went on a diet, as I tried these too and they did not work, as you loose while you on them but put it straight back on) integrating it into my life as a permanent thing that i'll do for the rest of my life also as part of that I purchased smaller plates and made sure that do not repeat meals (like have a second helping) also ensuring that I chew at least 10 time per mouth full (at first this is hard, but then becomes second nature, is like learning how to drive). Third I took some exercise, mostly aerobic but also some weight training as muscle burns fat very fast.

I weighed 96 Kg (15.11 stones) now I weigh 82Kg (about 12.9 stones) and I set my target at 76Kg (which is 11.9 Stones) I am 1.72 Metres tall and 42 years of age... So one thing I advise is set a realistic target not an impossible one, or even better set several targets until you reach your main target, don't forget to reward yourself when you do achieve them, this is important, also don't reward yourself with food :) .

I used a quite strong colon cleanse (body flush) that I purchased on E-bay, but I would not recommend anyone buying this sort of thing from E-bay as you not sure what you getting even though E-bay is now really tackling fraudsters and counterfeit goods including herbals, as there are still a few out there. There are cheap cleanses and more expensive ones, however I feel is worth valuing yourself and think you're not going to be doing this constantly  typically I would only do a colon cleanse once every two or three years. There is a site you could use that they have several colon cleanses, and if you want to be more thorough you could also do a liver cleanse, natural products like Milk Thistle will do the liver cleanse while colon cleanse is more complex so it requires a mixture of natural herbal products, fortunately a lot of companies combine these into a little simple tablet or capsule.


As for the new eating habits it is important that you eat not only a balanced diet but also at regular intervals (yes regular intervals eating), eating a balanced diet of carbohydrates, protein, and vitamins, not forgetting to have a good intake of fibre.

Carbohydrates are the floury food substances like: Cereal grains of any sort, like corn, wheat etc...and their derivatives like corn meal flour, normal flour, breakfast cereals, also potatoes pasta and more. As you may know carbohydrates usually are responsible for us getting fat, not because they are bad, but because we tend to use them as fillers and abuse them, by eating too much of them.

However not all carbohydrates are the same, there are complex ones which break down slowly and make you feel full for longer and there are simple or processed ones that are easier to be absorbed and converted into fat and stored, but also dependant on how much of it you eat. So a good rule of thumb is to eat less when consuming processed ones and a little more of the complex ones:

Complex Carbs exmpl:

Wheat germ, Bran, Barley, Maize, Buckwheat, Cornmeal, Oatmeal.

Simple/processed Carbs exmpl:

white bread,  white rice, cakes and cookies, refined sugar and derivatives like fizzy drinks (ie cola, lemonade and so on.)

So I ate well in the morning with a nice load of complex carbs, I had a couple of wholemeal pita bread or porridge oats(not the instant but the one that you boil for about 5-7 minutes) made with semi-skimmed milk or muesli with cold milk and dried fruits and seeds that I purchased from any good health store and a white coffee, also I ate an apple. So the balance is there, fibre (from both the apple and the oats or brown pita or muesli) carbs from the sugars and the little sugar I put in the coffee.

For lunch and dinner followed identical rule, all equal size portions of vegetables, protein (meat or fish or beans chickpeas or pulses), and carbs (pasta, potato, rice, bulgar wheat, cuscus etc) and the rule is that is a portion of each no larger than a closed fist. Now bear in mind this can be followed and doesn't have to look like that on the plate, like I make a chilli-con-carne for example, which follows that rule but is all mixed up in the plate I put enough vegetables in the sauce mixture to one fist as well as minced meat and then put sauce on a bead of rice also a fist size ...you will get the hang of it. you may think that is going to be expensive, but I guarantee that it will not. I was made redundant recently and on a budget but I still manage to follow this rule and occasionally reward myself for being good, with a little more expensive food. I have a blog that I give in a large majority healthy meals that represent what I eat maybe it will help you or inspire you this is the link to the blog "Recipe Sharing Place - Rico Coffee Shop" on the side there is a couple of ways to follow/subscribe to the blog, if you do that you will get updated every time I update the blog. Please be aware that not all the foods there comply to what I said as some are made to meet other bloggers requirement, but should be fairly easy to see each one do follow the rules. Also when I had a little more heavy meals (heavy as in fat content and or carbs) I took with the meal a fat absorber Chitosan or carb blocker which binds to the fat or blocks carbs and prevents them from being absorbed.


It is important also if you want to succeed to uptake exercise (yes the dreaded word "EXERCISE" ). Now, you don't have to be scared of this as you will only have to exercise for about 45 minutes and out of those 45 minutes 15 are spent resting, and also you only have to exercise 4 days per week, and I am not going to ask you to run either, running actually is banned by me as is terrible for the joints as too much impact. The exercises will consist of aerobics, core, and muscle. Also they will need to be alternated as we cannot let your body get used to doing them. remember what I said at the beginning when I cycled to and from work my body got used to it and it did not help. Best exercises for cardio (aerobic) is cycling, climbing a steep hill or if you use a gym walking fast on a treadmill with a medium to high elevation and elliptical cross training machine, and before exercising I did take a herbal supplement to aid me burn fat more effectively. Obviously taking supplements are optional, the intention is to aid you in your efforts, always consult your doctor especially if you on medication. What I am saying is that this is how I achieved it, is up to you how you achieve your own goals.


  That is how I achieved my current figure which i'll show here bellow, is not a great figure yet but I am getting there. And the good thing is that it only has taken me a year to achieve it. You may say this is a long time, but I say is a short time comparing to how long it took you to get to how you are now.

See the results speak for themselves, before I could't even bend down properly to tie my shoes. Also very important, probably the most important thing is to keep hydrated by drinking lots of water but no more than the recommended daily intake which is 2 litres(8 glasses) per day. now you may think, wow that's loads, I can't drink that much water. Well it does not necessarily has to be plain water it can be in the format of herbal tea, actually I would recommend it as some teas will aid you in loosing weight (which I also drink regularly, such as) Oolong (also known as Ulong & Wu Yi), green tea, white tea and Fey Yan. Most of these teas are sold on health stores or online E-bay. So as you can see is not so bad, two glasses of water in the morning four glasses of tea during the day and two glasses of water at night...easy.


First do a warm up stretch your limbs one at the time, then hop onto the treadmill and incline it 1/3 before reaches maximum and set it to a speed just before you feel like you have to run, the intention is to walk very fast, but just walk not run and if you find it too fast slow it down a notch or two do this for 10 minutes then have a five minute break and relax drink some water. Next go on the cross trainer set it to medium resistance (you must feel comfortable doing this, if it feels to heavy turn it down a notch or two) do this for 10 minutes and then stop relax and drink some water. 

Finally to tighten your abs use a gym ball (hands on your head) or just lay on a mat on your back and do 3 repetitions of 10 abs crunches holding them at the top counting to 3 each time.

Relax for 2 minutes then lay on your front, now you need to lift of the ground (hands on your head) you as well as your shoulders and your legs and hold in the air counting up to 3 each time again 3 repetitions of 10 back lift.

Then you need to do two lateral and a front plank and a front a 3 reps of 20 seconds for each


This concludes your aerobic and core exercises, all in all takes about 45 to 60 minutes, as you get stronger and better you can increase resistance on the machines and repetitions on your exercises, and counting in between each exercise hold.

As for the weight training exercise, you need to as before stretch your limbs for a few minutes so that your body warms up and is more limber. then you do some biceps curls, about 3 reps of 10 curls for each arm, make sure that the weight is heavy enough bot not too heavy 6 to 8 kg should be a good starting point. After you may want to do some leg crunches by placing the gym ball just above your bum, you secure the ball by holding it between you and the wall hold those two dumb bells 6 kg one on each hand, then slowly and always keeping your back straight bend your leg and crunch those leg muscles  your bum should stick out when you go down then go up only using your legs and keeping your back straight. This is a very good exercise about 3 reps of 10 crunches not forgetting to rest in between each rep.

Do other muscle building exercises, ask your gym trainer to give you a list...it is important you consult him as he is trained to give the most suited exercises for you, as each person is an individual, so should be the exercises. Also bear in mind that if you are ill you should always consult your doctor.But again these exercises should have a duration of 30 minutes, and you should finish off with core exercises you did above when you done aerobic exercises.

Core exercises are excellent to burn fat, and strengthen your abs, back and lateral muscles, also in time helping to suffer less from back pains if you prone to them, but not to be done if you are suffering from back pain or have a back injury. Use common sense. Never do anything that hurts you.