This website will be home, in future, to my ramblings & tinkerings with Ankylosing Spondylitis - and how to treat and bring this into long term remission using diet.

Where do I start?

This guy has had a remarkably similar experience to me

What will it cost me?
Nothing. I was taught this diet by the good people at kickas.org for free, and so I share it for free. I know how much you have suffered, and wish to see others benefit freely. There isn't a single thing that you need to buy from me in order to start the diet.

Some others wish to sell this information in books and DVDs. I bear no ill will to them. They provide information that is of value, and it will save people time in getting started on the diet (and time is money right?).

Is the low starch diet a cure?
Actually I am hesitant to call the diet a cure, since one will revert to the disease state VERY quickly when you break the diet. The inflammation comes so quickly and reliably after breaking the diet - it is quite instructive and teaches you eventually that a small amount of pleasure can bring a whole mountain load of pain and suffering.
I used the word "cure" in the name for this website for two reasons:
  1. This search is dedicated to research and information regarding healing and curing Ankylosing Spondylitis and other Autoimmune disorders
  2. If I was looking for helpful information on how to bring my Autoimmune disorder into remission I would probably search in Google for the words : Cure Ankylosing Spondylitis

Why didn't my doctor tell me about this
It hasn't been researched very well. Frankly, who is going to fund the research? It would take many millions of dollars to run a proper controlled study. A pharmaceutical company won't be able to recover their costs via selling medication- so no interest from them obviously. 

Secondly, the use of diet is currently something of a "fringe" phenomenon. Not many medical professionals would want to put their neck out and risk the inevitable ridicule - it can frequently be professional suicide to dabble in science that isn't mainstream. 

Thirdly, the diet is tricky to get the hang of at first and even a small indulgence can leave you in pain for many days - this means you would need to have very strict control over what the participants ate. In fact *absolute* control over dietary intake would be required otherwise the study simply won't work, and that would require you either lock people up, or ship them off to a desert island where they can't sneak in a meal of pizza, bread, cake, or cereal, etc. Such strictly controlled research to my knowledge has never been done. So you can see, the information just isn't in the doctors books yet - and I would dearly love to see properly performed research on the use of diet in Autoimmune disorders, in which someone who is well versed on the diet is consulted (DragonSlayer would be an excellent choice). I won't be holding my breath.

You know, it is strange.. when I first heard about these folk who used diet to treat their Autoimmune problems on kickas.org I thought they were a bunch of nutters. No kidding, I thought they were "off in lala land". As if diet had anything to do with it!. But time & suffering has taught me to swallow my pride I suppose. Eventually everything came to a crunch though, one day I caught a nasty tummy bug (bad food) and I couldn't keep my food down. After a few hours of vomiting and diarrhoea my gut was cleaned out, and then oh so quickly came the relief - no more pain! My inflammation was gone. The very next meal I ate started to bring the pain and inflammation back, and it was quite a revelation for me. It was soon pointed out to me that this is exactly what those "nutters" on kickas.org were talk about.. and I had to accept that our diet has an enormous effect on our immune system.