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April traction update

posted May 13, 2015, 11:11 AM by Strong
April 22nd 
As you all know it has been expected that Ayden would be spending most of his Summer at Wolfson Children's Hospital Ayden will be receiving back traction and spinal fusion with rod placement this summer. We just received confirmation on the dates of proceedures. June 1 we report for pre-op and Endocrine..June 2 follow up with Neuro..June 3..Oncology..June 4th Wolfsons..June 5th surgery to attatch Halo ..Traction for 4-5 weeks , July 7th surgery to remove Halo and proceed with Spinal surgery . Orthopedic surgeon and Neuro surgeon will work side by side during this surgery as because of Aydens Tumor in his spine they must pay special attention to his neurological functions during surgery . Approx two weeks inpatient recovery including Therapy. Doctors expects Ayden's height to increase 4-5inches. He is very excited about that "maybe I can shoot some good hoops now " Although this is a positive step for Ayden, we are still feeling overwhelming emotions medically and emotionally . 
We again Thank everyone for all of your support , as your prayers and thoughts are what help us stay focused ! 
Much Love, The Jolicoeur Family