So You Want to Breathe Underwater
(Intro to SCUBA)

The SCU-BONICS pages: All terms and slang defined 



  • Open Water (First Certification)
  • Advanced Open Water (AOW)
  • Nitrox
  • GUE, DIR, TECH & other crazy acronyms


More Knowledge:

Buying Your Gear

Formulas and Tables

Spring Diving

Cave Diving 


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My Dive Log & Experiences 

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This is my SCUBA page. I recently took up the hobby, and after "Diving in Head-First", I figured I'd share with the world my mistakes as a newby as well as my good choices.

If you're new to the SCUBA world, or considering getting your cert, check the Open Water link and also the Gear page to help you avoid some COSTLY mistakes that most (including me) aspiring divers make.

NOTE: Everything contained in these pages are my OPINIONS and OBSERVATIONS. Don't blame me if you suck water and die because you tried something "you read on some dudes web site." I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY for anything contained here. It is all ADVICE...Take it for what it's worth and MAKE YOUR OWN INFORMED CHOICES when you're breathing gas from a bottle underwater!!!