About Raw Elementz

Raw Elementz is the largest hip hop dance crew at Columbia University, in New York City. We are a student-choreoraphed dance crew that was established in 2001 by former Culture Shock dancer Kristin Liu. Raw Elementz is well-known for crowd-pleasing performances at both on and off-campus events from cultural shows to athletic events as well as promotional events and community service. 

Raw Elementz incorporates various styles of dance (like house, popping and breaking) into our choreography. We welcome members from any dance background and with any level of experience to audition, and we really do accept a variety of dancers. We have members who have been dancing since the age of 5, but we also have members who have never had formal dance training.

Auditions are held twice a year, around the beginning of each semester.

Also affiliated with the dance crew are the Raw Elementz Breakers, who perform both separately and together with the dance crew. They hold separate auditions and rehearsals due to the audition nature, but most of the time both groups tend to perform as one single unit. Raw's breakers also consistently hold open sessions, helping to connect the breakers to the greater NYC breakdancing community.