Empowering Students to Navigate Their Own Learning Path

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Digital curation is the process of establishing and developing long term repositories of digital assets for current and future reference by researchers, scientists, and historians, and scholars generally." (Wikipedia) This is becoming a growing trend in education as well. With the explosion of web 2.0 tools and ubiquitous access to resources such as iTunesU, students can become "free agents" of their personalized learning path. Courses can move beyond the prescribed textbook and play a huge role in students' self-directed learning. Curated learning will continue to grow and foster collections of rich, deep educational content.

In addition to students as content curators, teachers need to cultivate a learning environment to foster and support curated learning. Students need to learn the process of selection and appraisal of assets (developing key critical thinking skills) as well as ways to collect and catalog the assets to share and learn alongside others.

Successes with curated learning are evident in panelists’ experiences. In Career and Technical Education programs such as a Digital Media class, students use a variety of media resources to learn and teach each other. Elsewhere students are using mobile devices within curriculum learning to research and implement a variety of apps and social media to solve problems or gain understanding of content specific material on portable, highly customizable personal devices. In rural educational settings, students often lack access to wide course offerings. A 1-to-1 learning environment allows students opportunities to acquire knowledge through their self-selected curated resources.

In this session, participants will hear video testimonials from students and learn about tools and resources for cultivating "free agent learning" in a variety of educational contexts. In addition, they will review questions regarding how curated learning is cultivated and how today’s technologies make curated learning possible.

Student as Curator

Students from the Multimedia Technology program at Middle Bucks Institute of Technology explain curated learning.

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Students reflect on the curated / personalized learning environment that has been established in the Multimedia Technology program at Middle Bucks Institute of Technology.

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Students in the Multimedia Technology program at Middle Bucks Institute of Technology demonstrate how they implement iPad 2s in their production workflow.  This was the result of a challenge based learning assignment on the effective use of iPads in a curated learning environment.

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