Beginning in 2011 we will have different sized planes being used in the two different classes.  The E-200 airframes have not changed and the only hard and fast rule is that the wing area must be at least 200 square inches.  The new 15-300 glow class uses any airframe with at least 300 square inches of wing area.  The spirit of our racing is that these airframes be scratch built, but we realize that scratch building is quickly becoming a lost art.  So we do allow a few kits and some "cheaper" ARFs for those who have no interest in scratch building.
E-200 Airframes
Mike Gordon's Models
Kimberly Panos' Model
Marty Hill's Models
Jon Finch's Models
Sources for parts, pieces, kits and ARFs:
Marty Hill sells kits (fuse, wing, tail feathers), wing cores, vacuum bagged wings and fuselages for his current model.  He can be contacted at for pricing and availability.
J-Tech Laser sells a laser cut balsa kit for the fuselage and tail feathers of Kimberly Pano's Lancer airframe.  This fuselage/tail could be combined with a balsa sheeted wing to make a very inexpensive race plane.  Contact and ask for "Kimberly's Lancer" if you'd like one. 
K&A Models sells two airframes that fit within our rules.
15-300 Airframes
Jon Finch's Models

Mike Gordon's models.
Check out detailed plans of this plane HERE
Example E-200 Model (balsa)
Airframe:  Fuselage and tail feathers of Kimberly's Lancer from
Wings:  Foam cores for the Lancer from Jon Finch 
Speed Controller:  Tower Pro 25A and connectors
Battery:  Rhino 1350 mah 3S 30C Lipo (you'll need 6)
Servos:  2 HXT900 servos
Prop:  Pick your poison... something in the 7-8" range
Other Supplies:
    4 sheets of 1/16" x 4" x 48" balsa for sheeting the wings
    2 sticks of 1/4" x 36" balsa triangle
    1 stick of 1/2" x 36" balsa triangle
    1 stick 1/8" x 12" hardwood dowel
    1 stick 3/16" x 12" hardwood dowel
    1 sheet of 1/64" x 6" x 12" plywood
    3 2-56 blind nuts
    3 2-56 x 1/4" socket cap screws
    1 elevator control horn, small
And finally, a couple phone calls to Kimberly and Mark for advice!