2015 PYLON RACING:  for now, E-200 is not planned - basically for lack of pilots wanting to compete.  It takes approximately eight pilots to run a race:  3 pylon judges, 1 starter, and 4 to fly in a heat.  The last few races only saw 3-5 people show up to participate.  If those who have not been racing decide that they would like to race, please come forward and announce your intent, and we may be able to start it back up.  We would probably decide to run six races instead of the nine races in the past.  Please contact Milt Sanders [panther216@gmail.com] if you have not been racing and would like to start it up again - especially if you would be willing to volunteer as the CD for 2015 or any following year.

The former UVA EF-1 racing is now NUPRA (Northern Utah Pylon Racing Association) and will occupy a section on EF-1 and Sport Q500 on this website. 
RC Groups discussion thread on UVA EF-1 racing:  http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1855823

The Ogden club (www.nurcac.org) is sponsoring two pylon events in 2015 as is the Logan club and they are the prime sponsors of the flying sites for the NUPRA racing.  Please see the Racing Schedule page for details.  Utah Valley Aeromodelers are no longer hosting pylon races at their flying site, although some of their members will be participating in pylon racing.

To join in on our group discussions please visit and join our yahoo group at:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/utahpylons/ 

            Official CUPRA Sponsor - Chad Sanders - fightingcockenergy.com

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