To join the Golden Eagle Marching Band students must register for the class, which is MUSA 136. The class meets during the fall semester on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4-5:50 p.m. Saturdays until the second week in November should be reserved for home and away football games including the fall break when homecoming festivities and the Autumn Leaf Festival and Parade is held. Students may register for zero credit or one credit hour. Freshmen and transfer students usually register during student orientation in the spring and early summer. Students are not allowed to have class scheduling or job conflicts with marching band classes and performances. At orientation your department will have a partial schedule constructed for you. Because you department does not know that you are interested in marching band this schedule could conflict with marching band. You should contact your department before orientation to let them know that you are interested in taking marching and have them add it to your schedule. 

In addition to marching members, there are band managers, a photographer, and videographer. Color Guard and majorettes must audition in April or late June. All Golden Girl (feature twirler) candidates must audition in June. All color guard, majorettes including the Golden Girl, and percussionists are required to attend a three-day mini camp in early August. During this time the color guard and majorettes will start learning their flag and baton routines for the halftime and pregame. Percussionists will be auditioned and assigned to snare, tenors, bass drum, or cymbals according to their performance skills and the needs of the percussion line and start learning their music.

All members are required to attend a seven-day preseason training camp that starts a week before classes begin. The audition process for color guard, majorettes, percussion, and winds will conclude at the end of preseason training camp. Members will be chosen based on their attitude, work ethic, and people skills.