Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have to be a music major to participate in Golden Eagle Marching Band (GEMB)?
A. No! Marching band is open to all students within the university.

Q. How do I join the
A. To join the GEMB students must register for the class during their scheduled orientation day. The course number is MUSA 136. You must also attend a preseason training camp. Color Guard and majorettes must audition in April or late June. All color guard, majorettes including the Golden Girl, and percussionists are required to attend a three-day mini camp in early August.

Q. Is it difficult to be accepted into the band?
A. Most students who have participated in an average high school marching band for four years have the skills to be accepted into the GEMB. In addition to musical, spinning, and twirling skills students must have a positive attitude and good people skills.

Q. What are the financial responsibilities for GEMB members?
A. It cost approximately $70.00 for band clothing.

Q. How much time does the GEMB require?
A. The class meets during the fall semester on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4-5:50 p.m. Each section has a rehearsal once a week for approximately one hour. You will need to reserve a seven-hour time block for home games and an eleven-hour time block for away games.

Q. How many performances does the GEMB have per season?
A. The GEMB performs for six home games, three to four away games, in exhibition at two high school marching band festivals, and the annual Collegiate Marching Band Festival in Allentown, PA.

Q. Does the GEMB participate in marching band competitions?
A. No. There is no competitive circuit for university marching bands.

Q. What are the dates for Preseason Training Camp (Band Camp)?
A. Preseason training typically starts on the Sunday, eight days before the fall semester begins.

Q. When do band members move into their assigned university housing?
A. Band members move into their assign university housing on the first day of preseason training.