Why am I sitting at home alone? Today is Valentine’s Day. Cupid should have shot me with an arrow or something. I should be out on a romantic dinner and having a wonderful night. Where is he? He has failed me again this year. Maybe I am just meant to be all alone. Well, I guess I will just watch some T.V. I have nothing better to do. Thanks for nothing, Cupid!

T.V. VOICEOVER: Today is Valentine’s Day and you are sitting at home. I bet you are pretty sad and lonely. Don’t worry though, up next on Judge Poseidon is Cupid’s trial. Yes, you heard me right — Cupid is on trial for all the mischief he has been causing. Will Cupid be found guilty and have to pay for leaving you all alone? Stay tuned and find out what happens.

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Wow! That sounded like he was talking directly at me. I better turn my TV off and back on to make sure this is for real.

BAILIFF: All rise! Court is now in session. 

I guess this is real. I think I will watch this trial. Cupid has failed me so at least now I can watch him go down in court. Alright the trial is starting. I better grab my popcorn.

(All attention turns to the judge as he walks in. He takes a seat.)

JUDGE: You may now be seated. We are here today for the trial of Cupid. The prosecution is led by Artemis and the defense is led by Hera. Are both the prosecution and defense ready to begin?


JUDGE: Alright, since this is such a high profile case I am going to have you both list your witnesses and why you are calling upon them. 

(Artemis stands.)

ARTEMIS: We are calling upon Jupiter and Venus. Jupiter is the king of the gods so he hears all the complaints about Cupid. Venus is his mother so she has seen everything he has done in his life. Also, they both of them have been affected by him firsthand.

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Yes, great job, Artemis! Since both of them have been affected by Cupid first hand, they should be able to give good stories to incriminate him. Also, that sly smile you gave Cupid definitely scared him. You can see how worried he is. Wow! Not only am I alone but now I am talking to my T.V. I really need to pull my life together.

(The floor is given back to the judge.)

JUDGE: Alright, defense, your turn.

(Hera stands and shows her confidence.)

HERA: The defense is calling upon Psyche and Cupid. Psyche has experienced Cupid’s good side and Cupid himself should be able to explain his story the best out of anyone.  

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Hera looked pretty confident with her choices. I hope they backfire on her though. Cupid will find a way to mess this up. He causes a mess with everything. Hopefully Cupid can’t hear what I am saying. If he can, I at least hope he gets a long sentence so he will not be able to come after me.

T.V. VOICEOVER: What will be the verdict for Cupid? You will have to wait and see because things are just starting to heat up here on Judge Poseidon. Stay tuned because after this commercial break we will hear from our first witness, Jupiter.

Well, this seems interesting. Cupid on trial, who would have ever thought this to be true? I know what I am doing for the rest of the night. Now is the time to get a drink and a blanket before the show comes back on.