Entertainment Schedule

We are finalizing our 2018 schedule, but check out last years to get a taste of the great entertainment available. See you there.

2017 Silicon Valley Fall Festival Entertainment Schedule

Opening Ceremony:

MCs: Diana Ding Gauri Guleria

10:15 am 10:25 am Fremont Union High School Marching Band at Grassy knoll,10:25 AM March to the Amphitheater10:30 am to 11:00am Fremont Union High School Marching Band Director Joe Kelly
11:02 am Diana Ding and Gauri Guleria announce the Opening of the Ceremony 
11:05am Robert Harrison Singing of the National Anthem, Boy and Cub Scouts Flag hoisting 
11:10am   Opening speech by Cupertino Rotary Club President John Zirelli
11:15am   Welcome Speech by World Journal President Mr. Kunchi  Lo                                                                                            11:20am   Welcome speech by Cupertino Mayor Savita Vaidhyanathan
11:25am   Introduce VIPs, when they are coming to the stage
11:30am Diana Ding Leads the singing of Happy Birthday to California
11:32am Ribbon Cutting by VIPs to close the opening ceremony
Distribution of cupcakes at 12 :00 pm and 3:00pm

Stage Performance

MCs: Gauri Guleria, Diana Ding, Amy Chan, Marguerite Padovani

11:35am to 12:35 pm
  Font 72–  Band playing American music from the60’s to the 90’s
12:40 to 12:55pm  Katherine Zhang Playing GuZheng “High mountain and Streaming water”
1:00pm to 1:15pm Singing by Jennifer Li, Rachel Xie, Sophia lin, Katie Mao,Nathan Yao
1:20pm to 1:50pm Retro Notes Vocals by Alexandra Beltran Saxaphone by Bendik Kleveland
1:55 pm to 2:25pm JAMZ Youth Band
2:30pm to 3:00pm Iranian Federated Women’sGroup

Faranak Shahrouzi Pianist and Compose
Neda Abootorabi Dance
Kimia Mohamadi Vocal
Sabiba Dance

3:05pm to 3:30pm East West School of Music and Dance-Tap, Hip Hop, Ballet and Jazz
3:30pm to 4:00pm Genki All Stars Dance Team - Japanese kids & moms performing various popular dance styles as well as Taiko
4:00pm to 4:30 pm   Distribution of Moon Cake and a program by World Journal
4:30pm to 455pm pm Guitar by Ronnie Mills
4:55pm Closing Ceremony
5:00pm End