About Us

Shotokan Karate of America
SKA is a nonprofit organization that has been teaching traditional karate-do in the United States since 1955. SKA was founded and is still led by Tsutomu Ohshima. Mr. Ohshima is also recognized as the chief instructor of many other SKA-affiliated national Shotokan organizations worldwide. SKA maintains its national headquarters in Los Angeles.
The mission of Shotokan Karate of America is "To preserve, perpetuate, and advance the legacy of Shotokan Karate for the betterment of the lives of those who train, and to contribute positively to human history."

Contact information for SKA is as follows:

Shotokan Karate of America
222 S. Hewitt Street, Room 7
Los Angeles, CA 90012 USA

Phone: (213) 437-0988        
Office hours: M-F 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (PST) 
Email for general questions about SKA, including membership: hq@ska.org 
Website: www.ska.org

Cupertino Dojo 
In early 2010, the Northwest YMCA contacted SKA's national headquarters and asked if SKA would start a karate program at the NW Y. Coincidentally, the Southwest YMCA has been home to the Saratoga Dojo since 1995. The Cupertino Dojo held its first practice on April 26, 2010.

Curt Wvong, Paula Piemonte, Donal Breen
Norcal Winter Special Training Jan 23, 2011


Curt Wvong
Curt began practicing karate in 1986 at the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with Canada Shotokan Karate (an international affilate of SKA). Curt led the Burnaby YMCA dojo in Burnaby, British Columbia from 1993-1996, and was a member of the Canada West team that won the Nisei Week team tournament in 1995. Curt moved to San Jose and subsequently joined the Saratoga Dojo at the Southwest YMCA in 2004. Curt started the Cupertino Dojo at the Northwest YMCA in April 2010. He was promoted by Ohshima Sensei to godan (5th degree black belt) in 2016. When he is not practicing karate, Curt works as a controller with a technology company in Silicon Valley. 
Paula Piemonte
Paula started practicing at the Saratoga dojo in 2002. Paula was promoted to shodan in 2009 and to nidan in 2013. Paula teaches art at a Silicon Valley area high school.
Donal Breen
Donal started practicing at the Saratoga dojo in 2006. Donal has been teaching the kids class at the Saratoga dojo since 2009, and was promoted to shodan (first degree black belt) in 2009 and to nidan in 2013. Donal has lived in Ireland and Japan. His background is in electrical engineering.