Yellow Ball Competition Rules

Yellow Ball Bonus Competition Rules

Prize: Foursome Certificate for Napa Golf Club with carts included

Scoring:  Tennessee system where no numbers are involved.  Your yellow ball (YB) simply must survive being played every hole by the rules below.  If the team ball survives, then it is dropped in a 
bucket and the foursome is won by a random drawing of one of the balls

• Each team (foursome) will be given ONE numbered yellow golf ball.  The number will be your tee-off hole such as 1A, 1B, 2A, etc.

• The team plays the YB by rotating it through the foursome using the order of players on the team scorecard. Player A uses the yellow ball for the 1st hole, Player B on the 2nd hole, Player C on the 3rd hole,

Player D on the 4th hole, then back to A on the 5th hole and so on. 

-If you lose the YB, your team is out of the YB competition 

-Turn in your YB after the round.