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Oatmeal for skin

Benefits of oat for face

Every day many girls are used to mask the natural skin care minhtai home. Although there are many safety measures to use, they would still prefer natural ones. You should know that in many cases, the best mask can be done simply by hand ban.Nhieu who have problems with acne. However, only few of them know the method to solve it. In fact, many people have success with acne masks that they make themselves with ingredients easily found in their kitchen.

Many girls like oatmeal mask because it brings a lot of benefits. If you are uncomfortable because of the busy day, exposure to sunlight, extreme weather, things can affect your skin vitality. Oatmeal has been shown to be effective measures to clean and smooth skin. Many people assert it is the best mask

Fresh milk. Fresh milk contains nutrients such as vitamins, lipids, proteins and minerals that can help healthy skin against bad actors from outside. After washing the face, you use fresh milk without sugar applied to the face, fingers rubbing surface until dry milk and rinse with warm water. If you use every day, the white face up differently. Here are recipes for beautiful skin with fresh milk efficiently that you should apply. Moreover, you can also mix milk with mashed potatoes, masks used 3 times a week is also very good.

Fresh lemon. In many lemons provide vitamin C - a very good antioxidant, remove the melanoma cause burns, freckles. In addition, natural lemon acid also has whitening effect. So many types of cosmetic whitening ingredients usually lemon. You just squeeze lemon juice into a small cup and then use absorbent cotton or fingers rub lemon juice over the face, neck or back. Keep lemon juice on the face for 15-20 minutes then rinse with cold water. To more effectively you can apply lemon juice overnight and wash the next day.

Next note oatmeal. It is a powder that is very close to full effect to the health and beauty of human beings. Oatmeal mask helps exfoliate dead skin and oil absorption against bacteria from the skin, treating acne. Avenanthramide nature of this powder for anti-inflammatory and wound healing in the skin. Avenanthramide is also used to treat itching, dry skin. Moreover, this powder contains saponin nutrients moisturizing effect, clean, reduces sebum and exfoliating the skin. This powder also helps improve the looks bright for compromised skin as much exposure to computers, exposure to the sun ...

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