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Founder of cable TV customer care and billing software company. Clients in all 50 states nationally, and internationally in over 50 countries. Sold company to industry leader CableData, which now is a part of Amdocs.Took advantage of mini and desktop computer replacement of the mainframe to grow internationally along with benefit of cross trained staff (Swiss Army Knife approach). Developed a wide range of skills from sales, marketing, HR, R&D, training, customer care,presentations, trade show exhibitor, accounting, and installations.Keys were recognizing and leveraging the advantages of a smaller and flatter management structure to outmaneuver larger competitors. All growth was based on providing the best customer service available.



Following are a list of current projects:


Independent sales representative for FreeCast / Select TV for streaming video, and uses in hospitality, membership clubs, and healthcare 

My sales areas include hospitality, healthcare, and membership clubs (e.g. AARP, AAA,etc.) for Freecast
SelectTV , product I represent, was designed by FreeCast to meet consumers' expectations, by bringing the wide availability of free and paid content from competing sources together in a web-based TV experience. In addition to being present on consumers' various media devices, SelectTV satisfies content providers by directing users to secure and legal sources of content. With a white label version of this system available, current cable or bandwidth providers are able to take advantage of and generate new revenues, not in spite of, but directly from the current trends that are hurting the TV industry
Content discovery and management engine operating ‘The World’s Largest Entertainment Guide’ of freely available Video On-Demand (VOD) & Pay-per-view (PPV) library online
Hundreds of thousands of free TV shows, movies, events, music videos, live channels and more are freely available online, the only problem is finding them all. Proprietary technology searches, organizes, and manages ALL the freely available entertainment content on the web, and also sources the world’s largest pay-per-view TV and movie library along with both live and on-demand video from online subscription services.
Low cost complement to Netflix, HDTV antenna, and economy cable or satellite packages, See appendix for more details



Customer Experience Management Knowledge Based Tools
Revolutionary customer experience management knowledge based tools with proven payout within a year. Help Desk is your powerful one-stop agent cockpit for rapid root cause analysis and resolution of customer problems


Interactive video for support 24/7
24 Seven CSR’s mission is to create the most advanced, automated customer care products in the telecommunications industry. Our solutions provide instantaneous, highly satisfying, and detailed answers to subscriber’s questions about your products and services as well as helping customers directly troubleshoot common problems.  Our goal is to substantially reduce the communication service providers’ cost of serving its subscribers while providing an electronic subscriber care experience that is either equal to, or superior to human CSR interaction.


LED Lighting
Business development project - working with Witt Global Partners to generate LED Lighting sales for Optimal LED
James Lee Witt was Director of FEMA under President Clinton. See case studies below in appendix.


Virtual set top box
  (VSTB) is direct to the consumer and is the first and only online IPTV service offering which delivers premium QoS and QoE to the subscriber along with total endpoint control.


Internet of Things
Various business development projects 


Venture Capital
Assistance with raising capital



Solvatio business
case studies and 


Herb Lair


Company Description: Spectralliance is a global telecommunications consulting firm which specializes in delivering optimal business and information technology solutions to high risk, high value business situations. Spectralliance brings to its engagements experienced senior level industry executives with a history of proven successes and a demonstrable track record. Our list of clients reads like a Who's Who of international telecommunications and pay television providers, and is the envy of many of our competitors both large and small. Our clients include companies in emerging markets like Taiwan, Argentina, and South Africa, newly deregulated markets like Spain, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom, and highly competitive markets such as North America. At Spectralliance, our business model is deliberately different from that of our competitors. Unlike our competitors, we do not provide on-the-job-training for our consultants, nor do we ask our clients to pay for it. Each of our affiliates has hands-on experience at five or more telecommunications providers, and averages more than fifteen years of telecommunications experience. To deliver superior service, Spectralliance utilizes a large network of independent "Best of Class" consultants. In order to affiliate with Spectralliance, our consultants must be able to demonstrate strengths in specific areas. They must have a record of accomplishment in consulting, and they must be able to demonstrate world-class expertise in one or more functional areas of the telecommunications industry. Individual areas of expertise include all aspects of the rapidly changing telecommunications, pay television, and internet markets. We carefully assemble groups of these independent consultants into cohesive teams, thus allowing our clients to access a wide range of world class, senior level telecommunications expertise operating under a single contract. Concurrently, our affiliates gain access to larger and more challenging assignments, while working with world class experts in other subject matters.




 1. Develop a Strategy and Business Plan

             2Establish USA Business Development Team              

             3. Product Readiness

             4. Organizational Readiness

             5. Establish a Go­-to-­Market Strategy