Mission Statement

"Partnering with our community...  Meeting people at their point of need... 

Following the example of Christ"

How do we meet our mission?

 Each day brings new opportunities to see how God will use the resources He has provided through the community to meet basic needs of families facing a new financial crisis.  Whether someone has a leaky roof or no teeth to eat with, no insulin to manage their diabetes or no clothes for a job interview, no food for supper or gas to get start a job, a roof over their head or power to keep warm; a financial crisis looks different to different people.  Teams from churches, clubs and school work on projects for the elderly or disabled.  Partnerships with local business help us keep the cost low for minor home repairs and other needs. Volunteers come every day and walk people through the client choice pantry and encourage them to keep holding on!  Store staff work to help families find what they need at low cost and client service staff helps people know how to plan for priorities.  Crisis intervention takes on many faces.

 We do it by partnering with YOU, our community.  We do it by having special events to raise funds to help with operating the center.  We do it by writing grants, and recruiting as many volunteers as possible so that our funds can be spent on those in need. We do it by being good stewards of the resources we have, keeping our budget lean and asking the right questions so that those who truly need help can get it and when we get it wrong, we want it to be on the side of Grace! “Partnering with our community, meeting people at their point of need, following the example of Christ” that is how we help!

Since February of 1994 over 120 churches representing a wide variety of Christian denominations have joined the effort at Christians United Outreach Center where you will find a dedicated staff working alongside a host of volunteers working hard to meet the mission. Client Services, located in Asheboro, North Carolina at 930 S. Fayetteville St. (the old Dan Thomas Pontiac Building), is where people in need from all over Randolph County come searching for hope. The hope to keep on, keeping on.

Loss of pay due to short time at work, job loss, sickness or many other causes can be devastating to a family’s budget. An unexpected expense or car repairs can prevent many of us from being able to purchase the basic things such as food, medicine or even gasoline, necessary to keep the family going. Most of the people I know, if calamity should hit, could find themselves in need of help in a short amount of time.

Please take a few minutes to visit our Center and see how CUOC makes a difference in our community. We do know that the people who can, want to help those in need. It is our prayer and desire to provide a way for you to make a difference in the lives of others.

Real people with real problems, with your help, can find hope and real solutions. 

 Vision Statement for CUOC


The purpose of this organization shall be to

 “do what is required of us – to do justice, love mercy,

and walk humbly with God” (Micah 6:8)

in meeting persons at their point of need,

following the example of Christ;

to develop, implement and maintain programs

which provide care for physical spiritual,

 and other needs while assisting those in

need to become less “aid dependent”;

to provide follow-up care through a

local church family for future ministry.


Adopted April 22, 1993