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Short Term Financial Crisis Intervention

There may be a thousand ways someone might need help. Financial assistance at CUOC seems to excel and is the program that helps the most people and requires the greatest funding.

Basic need may vary a bit from family to family but there are some constants. Rent / mortgage, utilities, transportation, heat, medicine, clothing and food are basic to all of us. The four questions are  most used when people are requesting money to pay the bills. 

After the request is made, staff in Client Services evaluate the situation. In doing so if the request is for kerosene to run the heater we talk to the oil man! If the request is help with an electric bill we talk to the power company. The same with medicine, gasoline, auto insurance, we talk to the person in the know. 

 Now when help will help we send the money by check directly to the power company, landlord or mortgage company, oil company, drug store and the like. In all the years CUOC has been helping people with their bills, not one cent has been handed to the folks in need. That does not say we don't trust them it says that sometimes desperate people make bad choices. That's all.