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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

NHN is a program of CUOC that addresses needs outside the normal scope of short-term crisis intervention.  A separate committee meets monthly to review requests for dental work, home, roofs, car repairs, ramps and other needs.  Each application will be evaluated to verify the request and the need for assistance. If it is determined the need is real, the request will be assigned a sequential number and listed on the “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” web page of CUOC web site.

NHN requests are often met though local church groups or a professional that is willing to meet a need at a reduced cost.  If there are other programs in the community to meet the need we will provide referral information to the family requesting help and follow up to be sure the need was met. An application can be found at the bottom of this page or by calling the center or by email director_cuoc@triad.rr.com   

Please mail the application to the address on the application and be sure to include any estimates you may already have. 

Want to help?  If you are willing to work with us to meet any of the needs listed at any time, please contact us at the same email address listed above.  Materials, labor, anything that can help is always appreciated.   Please note, you may be asked to furnish information and permission for a criminal background check for safety purposes the first time you volunteer to go to someone’s home if you don’t have references.  Churches or other groups going to help meet one or more needs should make sure that there is sufficient, reliable adult supervision for the group at each location where they are working.

There is no need too small or too large! However, there is also no guarantee that the need will be met or that it will be done by a professional. We do ask and hope that anyone volunteering to take on a need will have sufficient knowledge and skill to complete it with satisfactory results, but since these are all volunteers we cannot guarantee any of the results.

If all of us that God has blessed would share a little of our time, resources and things that he has blessed us with, just think of the impact we could make on our community! Remember, Matthew 25:40 says:

 ”And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

NHN application 11 2015 most current.pdf

 Current NHN Projects:  Can you help??

#71 – Applicant has been very patient.  Thought we had a match to do the work and it fell through.  Needs ramp and some bathroom repairs. Applicant is disabled but does not meet the age requirements for some other programs in the area.

 #123 – Needs an attic fan connected and back door lock replaced.

 # 139 -  Disabled widow needing floor repair and underpinning.  She is not old enough to qualify for some other local programs that could help with these needs.