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Medical Assistance Program

Think  about  this for a minute.  Let’s say you are sick with bronchitis.  You suffer as long as you can  then  finally  you go see a doctor.  The  doc says “well seems you have bronchitis,  here is a prescription for an antibiotic that will fix you up,  go in peace and  get well.”   Now  you  have  no money for the medicine so you go home, put the prescription in a drawer and cough and wheeze the rest of  the winter.    

Now  try  this one...  You  make  a visit to the Christians United Outreach Center and get help with  the medicine.  What this does is,  you get well,  get back to work, make the money and even with short pay, this time you can still pay the bills.

A major  part of this  program is helping people with chronic ailments that can not afford the necessary  medicine to improve or maintain their health get connected with the discount programs and drug companies that can help provide the medicine at no or reduces cost.  This is available to adults ages of 18 thru 59.  There are others that help with the younger and older folks. 

For over 20 years CUOC has helped with RX medications on an emergency basis when individuals were not able to pay for life sustaining medications.  With our new program, we still pay for medications when needed for illness, life threatening and some behavioral conditions, however, we are now also a "point of entry" for the NC Med Assist program that allows clients receive emergency medications directly to their homes through the mail.

Staff is available to help you with finding indigent programs for ongoing medication needs between the hours of 11:00-2:00 Monday-Wednesday and between 2:00-:500 on Thursday. For emergency medications or medical equipment please come during our normal operating hours. Monday-Wednesday 10:00-3:00 and Thursday from 12:00-6:00.

Individuals will know if they quality for life sustaining medication assistance as soon as the application is processed.  This has taken the emergency assistance to a new level making sure clients have access to and continue to take needed medications.


CUOC has many types of medical equipment to loan to individuals in need.  A simple application will allow individuals to borrow items if we have them available.  Once you do not need them anymore, we ask you return the equipment to the center so someone else can use it.