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Financial Literacy Classes

CUOC staff believes it is important to know how to manage your money so that you as a family or individual don't find yourself in crisis or, if already in crisis, overcome it. 

In order to meet our mission statement that states "helping people become less aid dependent",  CUOC staff and volunteers offer the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University materials. 

The class runs for 9 consecutive weeks.  The class uses video, text books, a class facilitator and class interaction to bring Information and discussion during the class. Participants have access to additional tools and information on-line. 

Please call the center at 336-625-1500 if interested.  When you call please give your name, email address and contact information. 

In addition to the scheduled classes, we have a volunteer that is willing to meet with individuals one on one to go over basic budget information and help you develop good spending priorities. Please call the number above for that information as well.