to Christians United Outreach Center.  In the 23 years since CUOC began, it's service to people of Randolph County, over 135 churches, many volunteers, schools, and area clubs and businesses, have joined our effort allowing the Center to become a viable force in the area of Human Services.

During the 2014/2015 fiscal year we fulfilled our mission statement by providing assistance of $1,517,858  to Randolph County families in the form of food; financial assistance, clothing, household and furniture items and RX medication services.

Every donation means so much to us at CUOC.  Every day we pray for favor and are so blessed by every dollar, every prayer and every donation.  Recently a gentleman had some problems at a local fast food restaurant and because of a policy they had, received his money back for not giving him a receipt.  As he was on his way out of town,  he reached beside his driver’s seat for something and found the receipt he thought he had not received.  He immediately turned around to take the money back to the store since he could no longer keep something that was not his.   The store manager explained it was too complicated to take the money back and asked him to please bless someone with it.  He drove all the way to CUOC to bring it to me.  It wasn’t a large amount of money but what it said to us was huge!  He had no way to know that he was the answer to prayer prayed that morning asking God to send funds “walking in the doors” because we knew we had more “need” than resources.   God used something so special to remind us just how much he cares about the details.  We thank God for all our supporters and pray God’s blessings back to you many times over.

Many blessings to you,

Deborah Cole

Executive Director

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Sometimes we have an urgent need for items maybe you can provide.  At this point we are in need of:

Plastic Grocery Bags
Food Box Packers
Service Opportunities
for Groups, Churches, and Organizations

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"No act of kindness, 
no matter how small,
is ever wasted"

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