The CUNY Graduate Center Department of Mathematics has 14 women on the doctoral faculty in 2017:


          Corina Calinescu

          Assistant Professor

          Lie Algebras, Combinatorics and Representation Theory

          PhD, Rutgers University, 2006

          Gibbs Asst Prof at Yale University and a Zassenhaus Asst Prof at Ohio State

          Funded by the Simons Foundation

           Zajj Daugherty

           Assistant Professor

           Representation Theory and Algebraic Combinatorics

           PhD, University Wisconsin Madison, 2010

           Prior positions at Dartmouth, ICERM, and Univ of Melbourne

           Simons and NSF Funding

          Brooke Feigon

          Associate Professor

          Number Theory

          PhD, UCLA, 2006

          Postdoc at U Toronto, IAS and MSRI

          Funded by the NSF and the NSA


          Antonia Foldes 

          Probability Theory, Random Walks and Bernoulli Walks

          PhD, Hungarian Academy of Sciences Eotvos University 1981

          Prior Position at Renyi Institute, Budapest, Hungary

         Olympia Hadjiliadis 


          Statistics, Statistical Surveillance and Sequential Detection

          PhD Columbia Statistics 2004

          Postdoctoral appointments at Columbia and Princeton

          NSA Young Investigator Award, NSF-CCF and NFS DMS-IGMS Funding 
           Linda Keen 
           Professor Emerita

           Complex analysis, Teichmuller theory, Kleinian Groups and Complex Dynamics

           PhD Courant Institute at NYU 1964

           Postdoc at IAS (AAUW and NSF), NSF Visiting Professor at Princeton,

           President of the AWM, Vice President of the AMS

           Noether Lecturer, AMS Address, MAA Address, AMS Fellow


           Olga Kharlampovich

           Mary P. Dolciani Professor

           PhD Leningrad State University 1984, Dr Moscow Steklov Institute 1990,

           Prior Appointments at McGill University and Ural State University, Russia

           Krieger Nelson Prize, Soviet Academy of Science Medal, Marsden Award, Malcev Prize, ICM Speaker

            Funded by NSF and Simons grants


          Elena Kosygina 


          Probability, Stochastic Processes, and Partial Differential Equations

          PhD Courant Institute at NYU 1999

          Postdoctoral appointment at Northwestern University 

          Simons Fellow, Simons funding,

            Azita Mayeli

            Assistant Professor

            Harmonic Analysis, Representation Theory, Functional Analysis

            Ph.D. Technische Universität München 2006

            Postdoc at Stony Brook and at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

            Funded by the NSF, winner of the Felix Gross Endowment Award

            Alice Medvedev

            Assistant Professor

            Model Theory and Difference Algebra
            PhD, UC Berkeley, 2007

            Prior position at University of Illinois in Chicago

            Funded by the Simons Foundation and the NSF


            Alvany Rocha  


            Lie Theory

            PhD Rutgers University Mathematics 1978

            Postdoctoral Appointments: U Mass, MIT, and Rutgers

            AMS Address, AMS Fellow



          Maria Sabitova

          Assistant Professor

          Number Theory

          PhD University of Pennsylvania 2005

          Prior Position at University of Illinois at Urbana Champagne

          NSF DMS Funding

          Bianca Santoro

          Associate Professor

          Complex Geometry and Geometric Partial Differential Equations

          PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2006

          Postdoctoral Appointment at Duke University and MSRI

          NSF DMS Funding


         Christina Sormani  


          Geometric Analysis: Riemannian Geometry and Metric Spaces

          PhD Courant Institute at NYU 1996

          Posdocs at Harvard and Johns Hopkins, Visiting Research Professor at MSRI

          NSF DMS funding, Geometry Festival Speaker, AMS Fellow

          Christina Zamfirescu


          Combinatorics: Graph Theory and Networks

          PhD Technical University Aachen 1978

          Prior appointments at Dortmund University, W. Michigan and Coimbra

          Invited Speaker at the Tenth International Conference on Discrete Mathematics
There are just over 100 faculty in the department in 2017 so we are only 14%.  Many other excellent women mathematicians work at the various campuses around CUNY and are welcome to apply for doctoral appointments.   These faculty teach undergraduates at Staten Island, Brooklyn, Lehman, Baruch, City Tech, Queens and Hunter Colleges and were appointed to the CUNY doctoral faculty at various points in their careers.  For more information about women mathematicians at CUNY and around New York City see the New York Women in Mathematics Conference Webpage organized by Delaram Kahrobaei (CUNY GC Comp Sci) and Victoria Gitman.    

For more information about women in mathematics see the Association for Women in Mathematics and the list of Noether Lecturers.

Disclaimer:  This page is not an official CUNY Webpage.  The official department page is available here.  Google sites has been used to create this page so that it is easy to edit and update.