Many alumni of the CUNY Doctoral Program in Mathematics have chosen to stay in NYC, while others have taken postdocs around the world.   Most choose academic careers but a few choose careers in industry.  Here a selection of recent alumni (2004-2010) are listed who have chosen a variety of career paths.   A complete database of all alumni is kept at the department.  

Katherine PoirierAdvisor: Dennis Sullivan, Algebraic Topology
Postdoc at UC Berkeley

Hongzhong Zhang, Advisor: Olympia Hadjiliadis, Probability
Postdoc at Columbia University

Gabriel C. Drummond-Cole, Advisor: John Terilla, Topology

NSF Postdoc and Boas Assistant Professor at Northwestern University 


Ross Flek, Advisor: Linda Keen, Julia Sets 

Assistant Professor at Hostos Community College 

Youngju Kim, Advisor: Ara Basmajian, Hyperbolic Geometry

Postdoc at the Korean Institute for Advanced Study

Michael Tepper, Advisor: Lucien Szpiro, Number Theory 

Assistant Professor at University of Pennsylvania-Abingdon 

Brooke Orosz, Advisor: Mel Nathanson, Additive Number Theory

Assistant Professor at Essex County College,

Michael Munn, Advisor: Christina Sormani, Geometric Analysis 

City Tech Assistant Professor and NSF International Postdoc at Warwick University, 

Radoslaw Wojciechowski, Advisor: Józef Dodziuk, Geometric Analysis 

University of Lisbon (Postdoc), now York College (Assistant Professor)

Victoria Gitman, Advisor: Joel David Hamkins, Logic 

City Tech (Assistant Professor) 

Anthony E. Clement, Advisor: Gilbert Baumslag, Group Theory 

Brooklyn College (Assistant Professor) 

City Tech (Assistant Professor) and Visitor at the Kurt Godel Research Center, 


Erez Shochat, Advisor: Roman Kossak, Logic 

Saint Francis College (Associate Professor) 


Claire Wladis, Advisor: Sean Cleary, Group Theory

Borough of Manhattan Community College (Assistant Professor)

David Allen, Advisor: Martin Bendersky, Topology 

Iona College (Associate Professor) 

Timothy Bocchi, Advisor: John Arthur Velling, Geometric Analysis 

Alfred State College (Assistant Professor)

Rony Gouraige, Advisor: Ravindra Kulkarni, Differential Geometry

Bronx Community College 


James L. Ulrich

Harris Corporation 

Alexander Ushakov, Advisor: Alexei Miasnikov, Group Theory

Research Assistant Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology 

Serigne Diop, Advisor: Michael Marcus, Probability
VERO Capital Management

Deleram Kahrobaei, Advisor: Gilbert Baumslag, Group Theory
CUNY City Tech and CUNY GC

Jose La Luz, Advisor: Martin Bendersky, Algebraic Topology
Assistant Professor at the University of Puerto Rico


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