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  • TA Nicole Clarke-Medley Attended the GEP 2013 summer workshop for faculty and TA in Washington University at St Louis, August 11-16. She presented a poster on behalf of the Sci28000  students and instructor. The Title of the poster is "Insight from Structural Biology Sheds Light on Resolving Ambiguity in Gene Annotation". See the attached pdf file 2013_0811_Poster_WUFINAL-1.pdf  at  https://www.dropbox.com/home/Sci280
  • HHMI - New Molecular Structure Offers First Picture of a Protein Family Vital to Human Health The 20 proteins in the Wnt family are some of the most important proteins incontrolling how an organism develops and grows, but for 30 years scientistshave not known ...
    Posted Jun 18, 2012, 11:07 AM by Yuying Gosser
  • Hacking the Genome In pondering genome structure and function, evolutionary geneticist Laurence Hurst has arrived at some unanticipated conclusions about how natural selection has molded our DNA. http://the-scientist.com/2012/06 ...
    Posted Jun 18, 2012, 11:03 AM by Yuying Gosser
  • 2012 CUNY Faculty/TA Genomics & Bioinformatics Workshop 2012 CUNY Faculty/TA Genomics & Bioinformatics Workshop January 17 -19, 2012 in CCNY Steinman Hall, Room ST-2M3Short description: The objective of this workshop is to help CUNY faculty ...
    Posted Jun 12, 2012, 1:44 PM by Yuying Gosser
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