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Martial Arts-An Intense Fitness Routine for Students of all Ages

Residents of Cumming and Suwanee GA who want to improve their overall health and vitality should consider taking adult karate lessons. Unlike other exercise regimens, Cumming martial arts provide a full body workout, increasing cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength while also improving agility and flexibility. That means this workout could be the only fitness routine that's needed to help participants get in the best shape of their life.

A typical martial arts class in Cumming begins with warm-up drills and stretching. The stretches done at the beginning of class serves two purposes. The first one is to prepare the muscles for the work that is ahead so they are not pulled in the process. The second is to improve one's range of motion so that kicks and punches can be extended beyond one's normal range of motion.

After working on flexibility, the next thing a Cumming karate class might offer is instruction in kicking and punching. Students may work on a bag to practice different techniques and learn to do them with great force. These kicking and punching drills are actually quite grueling, making them an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise. When drills are performed at full power for one to two minutes, this is the equivalent of sprinting long distances for the same period of time.

Sparring is another way that karate helps build cardiovascular fitness. When sparring with a partner, karate students will learn to practice good breathing techniques as well as to exert themselves physically. This intense form of exercise will also challenge their balance and agility as they bob and weave in order to try to outmaneuver their opponent.

Practicing kicking and punching drills increases health and vitality by improving muscle tone. Each technique targets a different muscle group, and when these muscles are used over and over they eventually become stronger. Those who tend to have very weak kicks and punches might be inspired to lift weights outside the dojo, thereby increasing their muscular fitness even more.

Whether a student is learning forms, practicing kicks, or sparring with a partner, martial arts is an intense form of exercise that is bound to increase one's level of physical fitness. Those who would like to increase their health and vitality should consider enrolling in karate classes at a Cumming, GA studio.


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